Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Readers spill the beans on how attached they are to the internet… how about you?

Karen says:
I gave up Facebook and Twitter for Lent this year - it was hard, as they're my main way of communicating. I was glad I did it though, as it broke the addiction and I had more time to spend with family and friends. I go online much less these days. It's a great way to stay in touch and let people know what you're up to, but it IS addictive and you need to live in the real world too...

Izzy says:
I've had a mobile for a few years, but it's really only in the last year I've started really using it. I quickly got hooked on it, and now I find it hard to do without. I like to watch YouTube clips and look at Instagram last thing at night… well, during the day as well, obviously! But it's nice and relaxing to watch at night, and I often fall asleep with the iPad on my face, or the phone clutched in my hand.

Jess says:
I suppose I started out playing Club Penguin when I was in Year Three… then it was a full-on addiction to Minecraft. I used to have a time limit on the computer of an hour a day, but it was never enough and I'd sneak on for extra time. I used to get so angry if the wi-fi broke… I cried once. And sometimes Mum switches it off which drives me mad! I'm fifteen now and I am addicted to the internet. I pick up my phone at seven-ish each morning to message and text, then I might watch YouTube videos and go on Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. I don't use the internet until late anymore, but Mum did once catch me at three in the morning watching video clips…

Violet says:
Yeah, I'm addicted. Facebook is my only way of staying in touch with faraway friends and with my brother, who's at uni. YouTube is a great place to find new songs, tutorials and short films, and I love games - PC games and Nintendo are my favourites. I can do without the gaming for a while and I can last a week or two without YouTube, but Facebook is necessary for keeping in touch. I can't speak on the phone because I'm deaf and I rarely have the credit to text. I don't see why it's sneered at by those who consider themselves 'above' social media. It's just a quicker version of being pen pals!

Caoillinn says:
I love the internet and my iPhone so much. I had to go for three weeks without internet this summer… it was horrible!

Ruadhan says:
I love my phone - I probably couldn't live without it. Not just because it's fun, although it is, but it's also my way of studying and doing my homework. We don't have a computer or internet at home, so I have to use my phone's data to study; it's a bit slow, but it works! Oh, plus I am addicted to Facebook and Snapchat...

Picture posed by model Alex… many thanks!

Cathy says:
Um… I could be just a little bit addicted myself… maybe! Are YOU glued to your phone at all times, or could you go cold turkey and ditch it all? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. It's 'attached' not "attatched". Weird word, isn't it? Tricky to spell. Plus there should be an apostrophe in my section - I'm rather than Im - but that might be my fault.

    1. Thank you Ms Blue… what would I do without you? Not your fault, mine for sure. xxx

  2. I'm not addicted to the internet because I took some time off the internet because I realised that I wasn't spending much time with my friends or family. I hated it so I decided to try some new clubs at school and I made loads of friends there I loved it. This just shows how you can shut down the internet you and make a better you and find real friends instead of people that you don't know. Thanks for reading this if you are reading..... I just decided to share my story.

  3. I like going on this website and many others I also like personality quizzes and girl games online so I'd say yeah I am lol ;D :D

  4. oh hi I like chocolate who doesn't :)20 December 2015 at 18:56

    Yeah crushes aren't easy to cope with I like a celebrity but I like someone at school as well so that is complicate LOL!



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