Friday, 23 October 2015


Reader Aimear explains why nothing can beat a trip to the Great British Seaside… have you been to the beach yet this year?

Aimear says:
I think that we are very lucky in the UK to be an island and have sea all around us. We may not be the warmest country in the world, but we do have spectacular landscapes if we care to look for them. The best beaches in the UK are the ones you can't get to by road… you have to walk to them or go by boat. These beaches are quieter and generally have much cleaner water, so they're great for swimming and snorkelling in.

Of course, some pretty amazing beaches ARE accessible by road. This summer I went on a short holiday to a small village called Llangranog in Wales. It was busy but not in a touristy way, and the whole area was so beautiful. We went looking for dolphins from the clifftops and managed to see a spectacular performance from a few groups of them. Some of them were jumping fully out of the water… it was amazing!

My mum and I built an incredible sandcastle on the beach… it was absolutely huge! We waited for the tide to come in to fill the moat! I don't think you ever grow out of that kind of fun, it's just all part of the experience!

The great British seaside is a bit of a tradition, whether you go for the popular resorts like Blackpool with candyfloss and funfairs and glitzy illuminations and shops selling rock and souvenirs… or whether you choose the quieter, unspoilt beaches and use the chance to explore the amazing coast of Britain. Check out the wildlife, study the rockpools, look at the different kinds of seashells and types of seaweed and pick out a lucky pebble to take home. Whichever style of beach you choose, try to find time for a trip to the sea… even if you didn't get to go abroad or even on holiday this summer, remember that Britain's beautiful coastline is there to visit all year round!

Cathy says:
Awww, I totally agree with Aimear… nothing beats a trip to the seaside, and I'd pick the unspoilt option, too, if I had the choice! Have YOU got a favourite seaside spot? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!

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  1. I am in walking distance to the beach. I live in Australia, but next to the beach. Not in the desert. I have bush close by as well, so it bush and beach! It still gets really hot here, so the beach is our rescuer in summer! The ocean I live next to is not hugely popular, its mostly the locals who go there. I love living near the beach, its really lovely.



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