Wednesday, 21 October 2015


It's problem page time again on DREAMCATCHER, and reader Sharon asks advice from Cherry Costello… will you agree with what she has to say?

Sharon says:
I don't have many friends at school, and I made a big effort and befriended a group of three, Jane, Kerry and Farah. They seemed nice at first but now they tease me all the time, making fun of me, laughing at me, pretending to run away from me or be disgusted when they see me coming. It's not funny any more and I have tried to stay away from them, but they seek me out and carry on with their spite campaign. It's starting to feel a bit like bullying.

Cherry says:
It is bullying - just because you thought these girls were your friends doesn't mean they are treating you with respect. Try to be honest and tell them you hate being picked on and don't find any of it funny; this gives them the chance to see what they're doing and how you feel, and hopefully they will back off and give you some space. If they don't, you must go to the teachers and let them know what is going on. Sometimes, bullies can be clever and make their attacks look harmless from the outside, so write down the incidents and how they have made you feel, and approach a teacher you can trust. With luck, this can be sorted quickly and you'll be free to move on and find new and more reliable friends. Loneliness can make us put up with friendships that really aren't good for us, and this is one situation that seems made for the phrase 'With friends like these, who needs enemies?' Good luck.

Cathy says:
I agree that this friendship is not a good one - but does Cherry's advice go far enough? What would YOU say to Sharon? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I don't think Cherry's advice goes far enough! Sharon has given these girls a chance and tried to fix the situation, but now is the time to get help

  2. I think if you tell the teachers or any adult you trust it will stop.

  3. I think that Sharon should ignore the girls. if she acts like its not bothering her they will soon get bored. also they might not realise that they are hurting her so if she talked to them about it they might realise and stop. i am pretty popular atmy school and i also get things like this coming to me out of jelousy. i have been through so many best friends its hard to keep count. i think my true advice is to widen your friendship groups, when you make a best friend dont push all of your other friends away keep them in case of the betrayal that might come. ;-)

  4. I think Sharon should ignore them, and if they don't stop, tell a trusted adult



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