Friday, 23 December 2016


A gorgeous Christmas fan-fiction from reader Katie... enjoy!

Coco can't find anyone. Where is Lawrie now? she wonders. Where are all her sisters, for goodness sake? It's Christmas, isn't it?Honey is Skyping her Aussie boy, Cherry is listening to Shay play music and now Coco wonders if Christmas is even about playing in the snow. Maybe it's about putting extra hours in at the dance studio, as Summer is doing, or finding the perfect vintage Christmas outfit, as Skye is.

What does Coco do at Christmas, though, when so many of the animals are hibernating? That's an easy one. She gives. They are all a little bit older, a little bit more grown up. They are tied to people overseas or over the road, not necessarily each other any more. Coco considers this as she rips chunks of snow out of the ground. Pfft, pfft, go the chunks, her sled acting as a shovel, creating a track through the snow. Maybe Christmas IS still about playing in the snow? Coco takes old chocolate packing boxes, rips them into perfect rectangles with little handles. When Summer arrives home, Coco musters up her yelling voice from days gone by.

'SLEEEEDDDDIIIIIIINNNNNGGGG!' comes the call, and the girls are faintly curious. Honey is the first to take a sled, and then all of the Tanberry-Costello teens are tumbling through the tundra, giggling, sliding, very much terrified but also exhilarated, their eyes glistening. Coco's track jas led the Tanberry-Costelloes right back to each other... just in time for Christmas!

Cathy says:
Awww... love this feelgood Christmas story! Thank you, Katie! Have YOU enjoyed a festive glimpse of Tanglewood? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Brilliant story, Katie!
    I love that you post every day now, Cathy.

  2. Love this!!! Very cool and i love the chocolate box series :-)))

  3. I love this story Katie!
    You definitely have a talent as a writer!
    I love the chocolate box series and I'm very sad that it's finished but I'm excited to read the new series that is coming out in June!
    Cathy, can you give us an idea about what it will be about please? Xx

    1. Ooh, new series?! Yay! Sad the chocolate box series is over too, but at least I have another to look forward to now. X