Wednesday, 30 January 2019


There's something about snow... it brings a special kind of magic to the greyest of winter days! We asked readers of all ages to tell us their favourite snow memories...

Anna Bella says:
I remember one winter with epic snow - we had so much that in our back garden we built a snow slide against the garden wall. We literally piled it up and even made snow steps at the side of the slide. We spent hours playing on it! Best snow memory of my entire life!

Katie says:
We hit the slopes with a toboggan when I was eight on a holiday in the Swiss Alps. I remember the croquettes afterwards being amazing. When I was even younger than that, five maybe, we went to the Grand Canyon and Mum thought she saw a dog in the trees... but it was a reindeer!

Rowan says:
I remember many snowy winters as a child in Hertfordshire. I remember tobogganing down a hill with my brother and my dad, and I remember long icicles hanging from the drainpipes. Every morning there'd be a hole in the milk bottle tops where birds had pecked at them to get to the milk. My brother, sister and I used to trek to the local shop with the sledge to get basic supplies!

Jodie says:
I remember a few years ago in London, where I live, we had a snow day and all the schools were closed. This hardly ever happened so it was very exciting! My brother and I went outside to go sledging - just one problem, we didn't have a sledge! We used binbags and they worked quite well. We built a snowman on the corner of the street, and when we looked out next day someone had built a snow woman next to it!

Mairi says:
I live in Scotland and we get snow every winter really, sometimes the school has to close early so everyone can get home safely and sometimes it doesn't open at all. We always make slides in the playground (even though we're not supposed to) and we have snowball fights on the way home, with gangs against each other. Once my friend and I tried to make an igloo, which was good. There's a hill on the edge of my village where everyone goes sledging - snow days are the best days ever!

Janelle says:
I live by the coast and we rarely get snow, or if we do, it doesn't settle for long. When I was small we lived in Derbyshire and we did get brilliant snow there, so it represents magic to me and I miss it a lot. Last week, we had a rare flurry of snow after dark and I ran outside in scarf and mittens and twirled around in it, and snowflakes landed on my hair, my eyelashes, even on my tongue. You're never too old for magic, are you?

Cathy says:
I have some great snow stories which I'll share with you one day... and I totally agree with Janelle, you are never too old for magic! What are YOUR fave snow stories? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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