Saturday 25 January 2020


Have you ever been off school ill and found yourself feeling fed up? Not quite ill enough to lie in bed all day, but not well enough to be in class either? Reader Rosie found herself in just this situation recently... and she came up with these fun solutions! 

Rosie says:
Here is a bunch of boredom breakers that you can use to liven up a dull winter's day...

1. Try and write your name with your foot - I have tried this myself and it's surprisingly hard!
2. Read a CC book... try GINGERSNAPS!
3. Try baking gingersnap cookies out of random kitchen indredients, like Ginger does in the book GINGERSNAPS.
4. Try baking Finn's Choc & Orange cupcakes - the recipe is on the 'Fun Stuff' section of - I tested the recipe for you and burnt my finger on the side of the baking tin because I was too impatient to taste it. Yum! And also ouch...
5. Write your own short story on your computer. If you don’t have one, then write it down on your parents phone or iPad, or go old school and use pen and paper. If you're pleased with the result, look into possibly getting it published, like I’m going to do!
6. Ask your mum/ sister/ friend to choose a library book they think you'll like... and read it!
7. Sketch funny cartoon pics of your best friends to remind you why you miss them so much!
8. Watch a feelgood Disney movie while curled up on the sofa with popcorn and hot chocolate.
9. Write a song (check out CC book LOVE FROM LEXIE for inspiration!) and record yourself singing it! (This could be the start of a beautiful career!)
10. Write a blog for Cathy Cassidy's DREAMCATCHER blog... you never know, she might publish it on the blog, like she did with this!

Brilliant ideas from Rosie - hope you're all better soon! Do YOU have any boredom buster ideas to add? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


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