Friday 4 November 2016


In this first of a new series, readers share their reviews of favourite books for when you've read everything CC linked and need something a little bit different...

Katie says:
PRETTY BAD THINGS by CJ Skuse was my fave summer read this year because it was hot! American teenagers rob candy stores to get the attention of their father... teens can be rebellious and attention-seeking, but twins Paisley and Beau take things to a whole new level. I loved the pace of this book - the action never stops and you learn things about the main characters while they're running. Yes, it's shoplifting, but shoplifting candy... they just have to be very, very careful! PRETTY BAD THINGS is quite YA (so for older teens) but underneath the carefully laid plan there is fun, drama, family and crime. It's CHERUB, but more dangerous. And with candy. It was a great summer read as the sun beats down on Paisley and Beau while they're on their adventure, but it would also be a perfect book for autumn... perfect for any time, in fact!

Billie-Jo says:
FLAWED is my current favourite book, and Cecelia Ahern is a new author for me. She writes for adults but this is her first YA book I think. I don't read fantasy usually but I do like dystopia, and that is where this book fits when it comes to genre - heroine Celestine lives in a society where everyone is expected to be perfect, and where mistakes can be punished by branding - literally - the person as 'flawed'. Flawed citizens have fewer rights and are shunned by the rest of society. When privileged Celestine, with her perfect family and perfect boyfriend, helps an elderly flawed man who has taken ill, she finds herself in trouble; almost at once, her fortunes turn and she herself becomes flawed. Is compassion really a crime? Celestine finds herself at the centre of a movement for change, and she herself changes and grows in character. I loved FLAWED because it made me think, and it was believable. It moved fast and I could identify with Celestine's feelings. The book is the first in a two part series and I cannot wait for part two, coming next year. I've lent this book to two of my friends and they both loved it!

Cathy says:
Two excellent picks... I've already read PRETTY BAD THINGS and enjoyed it, and Billie-Jo's review of FLAWED made me buy the book. I'm halfway through and totally hooked! What is YOUR fave book right now? COMMENT BELOW to tell all, or email/message me if you're interested in reviewing for this series!


  1. My favourite book is currently 'Undone' by Cat Clarke but 'Flawed' sounds really good. I'm not new to Cecilia Ahern, I've read and enjoyed her books before so 'Flawed' is on my reading list now!

  2. My fav book at the moment has to be Karen Saunder's Suzy P series... Suzy is a fourteen year old girl, constantly getting herself into scrapes! She has a boyfriend, Danny, who is Star Wars obsessed, and a best friend, Millie, who has a turquoise bob. Suzy P is a great read for anyone who fancies something light-hearted... I would also recommend the Geek Girl series by Holly Smale- hilarious!

  3. I really love Paper Butterflies by Lisa Heathfeild. It's a sad read but also amazing and i recommend it hugely

  4. I have too many favourite books to pick one. My favourite books by Cathy Cassidy are Scarlett and Coco Caramel.

  5. my favourite books are the Hetty Feather series and and The Potion Diaries series.



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