Monday 3 September 2018


We asked YOU what your fave thing about summer is? Here's what YOU said!

Julie says:
 Simply the sun!

Ro says:
Everything slows down... time to read, rest, plan adventures!

Zara says:
This summer it's all about sunshine... I'm loving the heatwave, it feels like we haven't had a proper hot summer for so long. I think I am designed to live in a hot climate! Long may it last!

Katie says:
The best thing about summer is the release of new Cathy Cassidy books!!! *hugs Sami’s Silver Lining to my chest*

Sharon says:
The glistening of the sun on my face followed by rain drops cooling my skin.

Lindy says:
Longer days...

Priya says:
Travelling to see old friends and faraway family... and days spent doing fun, cool, unusual stuff. Holiday time is the best!

Helen says:
Reading in the sun!

Bev says:
Time to inhale whole books without pesky work getting in the way 🤣

Sophie says: 
The Edinburgh Book Festival! 😀

Sade says:
Having an excuse to drink fruity cocktails with ice!

Olivia says:
The best thing about summer is having tons of free time to read and relax...

Jodie says:
School holidays... otherwise known as FREEDOM!

Caitlin says:
Relaxing win the sun and bbqs with the family!

My fave summer things are festivals, friends and sunshine... and this summer has been packed with all three! What is YOUR favourite thing about summer? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. I went to Spain and hung around most of the time, then before I went to sleep I would read Cathy Cassidy books. I'm reading Driftwood for the second time! My fav is Ginger Snaps, Dizzy, Driftwood, Love from Lexie and I'm in love with Fortune Cookie. Jake is my favourite! I love his appearance in Love from Lexie!
    Cathy you are a huge inspiration to me, you're one of the reasons why I want to become an author and I've already started my first book! :) x



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