Thursday 14 February 2019


We asked readers to tell us about their favourite romantic scene from a CC book... this is the result! 

Kayleigh says:
My favourite love scenes from a CC book will always be the scenes in CHERRY CRUSH when Shay goes to visit Cherry on the steps of the gypsy caravan. Especially the first time, when he just happens to be wearing a werewolf mask! Don't ask me why but it's just so lovely, and Shay is my favourite CC boy character of all time.

Matilda says:
My favourite couple in a CC book has to be Jude and Carter from SUNDAE GIRL. Carter is so cute and so funny, and very believable. I like the bit where they are walking home in the snow and Jude thinks he is going to kiss her, and instead he shoves a snowball down the back of her neck! It made me laugh out loud because it is just the sort of thing the boys I know might do. I also like the romance in LUCKY STAR where Cat and Mouse have a picnic sitting on top of a bus shelter! I like that the romantic bits are funny and not too mushy, and the boys are always cool.

Fantine says:
My preferred book from Cathy Cassidy is LES CINQ LETTRES DU MOT COEUR for I prefer a book that is sad and the characters I liked very much. I like the scene of the paper cranes, and how you see that the boy is much gentler than you think, when everyone thinks he is very bad, but really in fact misunderstood and very kind. It is a book of friendship more than love, which I like very much. The book is perfect for me.

Sara says:
LIFE IS SWEET is my favourite CC book as it shows so many behind the scenes glimpses of my favourite characters and an insight to how they think. My best characters are Summer and Skye who have a birthday on St Valentine's Day but are such very different characters even though they are identical twins. Summer is very girly and Skye not so much. I like the story where Alfie is trying to organise a Valentine's Day treat for Summer because it is so sweet and actually made me  cry a bit the first time I read it.

Leah says:
For Christmas a couple of years ago my mum got me a copy of LOVE, PEACE AND CHOCOLATE from eBay, a quite rare CC book from a few years ago. Quickly it became my favourite of all the books, even though it is short. It is a book about two best friends who fall for the same boy, and how their friendship is shaken by that. It is also a book about why a boy should never be allowed to come between two best friends! It is the opposite of a 'romance' in many ways, it is a book about girl power and friendship and not being taken in by losers. (I am nineteen now so maybe I can just see the message more clearly now!) Also it has the best title ever, because what more could anyone want but love, peace and chocolate?

Cathy says:
Aww I love these comments! Do YOU have a fave CC book? If so, which one - and why? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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