Tuesday 19 February 2019


Thousands of school kids all over the world stand up for their future by missing school in protest to government climate change inaction!

Kate says:
The seed was planted when inspirational Swedish school pupil, Greta Thunberg, decided she'd had enough! She woke up one Friday, last year, and instead of attending her school, she went and stood outside the Swedish parliament in protest at the government's lack of action on climate change. She knew her future and the future of her peers was at risk, so why weren't those in power doing anything about it? Every Friday since then, Greta continued her strike and in doing so she has managed to kickstart a global movement.

On Friday 15th February, thousands of UK students from primary age upwards followed suit by dropping their pens and pencils for a day and picking up a placard! As part of the movement Youth Justice 4 Climate, these school kids felt that their voice wasn't being heard and the government was not doing enough to make their future seem secure. The attitude of those involved was, what use is it learning facts when the future is in jeopardy?

As well as calling for immediate and critical action to be taken regarding climate change, students also made it clear the government should lower the voting age to sixteen.

Support came from all ages, with kids as young as three or four in attendance all the way up to proud grandparents, cheering their grandkids on. True enough, however, there has been a mixed response to the strike action; many schools have condemned the strikes and have told children NOT to attend while the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, stated that these school children are "wasting lesson time" and the Education Secretary Damian Hinds said "missing class won't do a thing to help the environment."

But the protestors are determined and not about to give up! Another strike is set to take place in the UK on the 15th March. Will you be joining them?

Cathy says:
I have so much respect and hope for today's young people, and the strike against Climate Change is really inspiring at a time when world politics looks quite grim. What do YOU think about the young strikers? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. I'm so happy this is happening! I think quite the opposite of what Damian Hinds has said is true - our generation and all those below it will be affected, so we need to take action NOW. No-one is listening to the few desperate adults speaking up, even though they are not underestimated like kids - but if we all get our voice heard we can make a change. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the recent protests due to unavoidable reasons, but I hope that it will happen again and I can participate!



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