Thursday 2 July 2020


Anusha, age eleven, lives in India... and writes about the hidden blessing lockdown can bring...
Anusha says:
Businesses have shut down, people are stuck in other countries, schools have closed, people’s salaries are being cut and people are losing their jobs. Who would have thought this could have ever happened? Did you ever even think of facing a pandemic? I did not. Being at home during my summer vacation, instead of riding a camel in the hot deserts... well, it seems I am now the camel on which my younger sister rides at home.

At first, I complained a lot about being at home, but then I realised. I am lucky I am at home; millions of people are stranded in places away from their home and they are struggling to get back. After this insight, I decided I would  make the best of it. So, during my vacation, I spent time with my family, learnt a new language (French!) and spent time on my hobbies - writing, sketching and of course, reading Cathy Cassidy books. 
I had fun baking with my mom and sister, too! I am grateful that me and my family and friends are all safe and healthy and at home. Now my school has re-opened online so I can continue with my school work. I can also catch up with my friends - we video call during the weekends and play games online. I also attend online art classes and I really enjoy them. 
During the summer, I started a hobby workshop to raise funds for charity. It did not work out so well, but at least I learnt how hard it was to teach! Now I am more grateful to teachers and understand their efforts. I have also started writing a novel. Lockdown has given us so much time to do new things and spend time on our hobbies. We just have to use it well. Could this be a blessing in disguise?

Photos with thanks to Pexels, drawing by Anusha.
Cathy says:
Wow, I love Anusha's energy and determination to make the best of lockdown - there's something we can all learn from this! What new hobby or pastime have YOU taken up during lockdown? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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