Saturday 4 July 2020


Readers Scarlett and Miriam are part of a cool lockdown project to help get books to those who need them... find out how their project has snowballed!
Scarlett, age 10, says:
Miriam and I are in the same class at school and we are both avid readers - I especially love Cathy Cassidy books and am in the middle of LOOKING GLASS GIRL! My mum also loves to read, and we have lots of books at home. The libraries were shut due to Covid-19 so my mum decided to put a box of books outside our house for people to choose and take. We asked people to donate any books they didn't want, and we got tons of donations. Miriam's mum did a box too and to begin with it was just a fun thing to do for the community. It gave us something to do. But then it got way bigger and we decided to call it The Little Local Book Hub and my mum made a logo, as her job is a graphic designer. Mum set up a Facebook page and the  idea just grew and grew and people in other areas joined in. We have over 24 hubs now! 

Miriam says:
The Little Local Book Hub expanded on it's own really, as people started hubs on their driveways. We gave them logos and now it's almost like a chain. Everyone is on social media so a lot of people could see our idea and like it and because of this we started a twitter, instagram and YouTube too. We set up a YouTube channel that has videos of different people reading picture books for their little kids to see! The YouTube basically started because we wanted to advertise the Little Local Book Hub, and for little kids to watch as they didn't have school. All the books we read have been donated from people.

Scarlett says:
When lockdown is over we might do something like a weekend  special of free books to keep as we now have so many books, and we will also give some to charities. We have  enjoyed meeting new people from around our areas as they have visited the hubs. We have had so many great conversations with people we might have never come across if we hadn't started these hubs. The worst bit is probably when we have just organised the books and then people come and take a book and then realise they don't want that book anymore and put it back anywhere!

Miriam says:
Being involved with the Little Local Book Hub is a great way to meet new people and although it can be hard sometimes, we still have a lot of fun.  It helps gets books to people in the community who want to read and it gives us something to do while we are not at school!

Cathy says:
I absolutely love Scarlett and Miriam's project... I've also had a box of giveaway books at my gate too on sunny lockdown days! I'll be doing a comp with The Little Local Book Hub soon, with a signed book as the prize. Have YOU found a project that's kept you busy during lockdown? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!

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  1. i love what you are doing and i looks such fun!



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