Sunday, 11 October 2020


Imagine a shy American teen who longed for her own happy ending... meet Rose!

Rose says:
Ten years ago I was browsing the young adult section in my local library in Oregon, USA. Guess what I found? A book called Scarlett. From the red cover down to the description I could feel the excitement fire in me. This was my book! I was 13 then, a troubled and lonely girl. Reading was my only escape - I was trying to find where I belonged in this world. Being thirteen can be awkward, wouldn’t you agree?

I decked out daily in black platform shoes, mini skirts with patterned leggings and glossy pink lipstick. Men thought I was older and peers thought I was weird. I wanted to read something I could relate to, not the picture perfect Nancy Drew or the annoying princess stories that the librarian would recommend.

I felt understood when I read about rebellious Scarlett. I also felt a release living vicariously through her relationships. I was grateful my life wasn’t as torn up as hers, and hopeful I’d meet my gypsy boy one day. I convinced my older brother to order me many Cathy Cassidy books on amazon. Each one I read over and over again. 

Here’s where my story gets interesting - buckle up! Four years ago, I was looking at photography on Instagram. I felt inspired by one particular account so I chose to DM  and let them know how the photography resonated with me.  Turns out it was this really cute guy. As we talked, our friendship grew and eventually I hopped on a plane to meet him... in England! I'
d wanted to visit England after reading Dizzy ten years earlier! Four years of  travel back and forth followed as friendship turned into something more. My ‘gypsy’ boy is Irish and Indian - he even fits the description of Kian. 

We married last year, the happiest day of my life, and I live in the UK now. I wanted to thank Cathy Cassidy for writing her beautiful stories. They are better than fiction... they are real life and I am evidence of it! 

Cathy says:
This is the loveliest thing I've read in a long time... like a Cathy Cassidy story come true! I wish Rose and her partner all the very best for the future. Awww! Has a book ever changed YOUR life? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!

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