Monday 19 June 2017


A Blackburn school library likes CC books so much, they decided to have their own book launch for LOVE FROM LEXIE! The librarian and some of the kids tell us more...

Mrs D says:
What an exciting lunchtime we had on Thursday 15th June as celebrations took place in the school library for the launch of new Cathy Cassidy book LOVE FROM LEXIE! Before the launch, some Year 7 & 8 pupils created bookmarks and posters to celebrate the arrival of the new book, and on he actual day pupils rushed into the library during their lunch break to read an extract, pick up a free bookmark and eat cupcakes! A reservation list has been put in place for all those girls and boys wishing to borrow LOVE FROM LEXIE. It's the first book in a great new series and is going to be great for anyone new to CC books!

I'd like to thank Puffin Books for helping to make our launch extra special, and thanks to Cathy too for being such an inspiration to our readers, which goes on from year to year! Another successful book launch!

Sahil says:
I started reading CC books the first time I came to the school library - a book called GINGERSNAPS got me hooked! I started going to the library more, to get more CC books! The launch for CC's new book LOVE FROM LEXIE was great - we had the time of our lives, with cupcakes and cookies as treats and lots of chat about the books. They are definitely my favourites and I can't wait to read LOVE FROM LEXIE!

Esme says:
I'm a pupil librarian at my school and was so impressed to see that amount of people in our library for the LOVE FROM LEXIE launch! There were sweets (of course) and free bookmarks and games. I can't wait to read LOVE FROM LEXIE because it seems so realistic and cool!

Cathy says:
Awesome! Thanks to Mrs D and all the student librarians who helped to organise this - and all who came along! There's a bit of a library theme in the book, so a library launch was very appropriate! Does YOUR school library have cool events like this? If not, why not suggest some? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. That is so cool!!! my library has some events like this but nothing as cool, I will have to suggest something like this! :)



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