Wednesday, 28 June 2017


I asked readers to tell us what they love/ hate about piano lessons... this is what they said!

Molly says:
I LOVE playing the piano. I have been learning this amazing instrument since I was eight and I love it because when I use the piano the magnificent sound flows through my whole body, inflicting beautiful music right into my fingers as I touch the delicate keys. Playing the piano is one of my favourite hobbies, and I like to inspire my friends to take up the experience too. I recommend this instrument to everyone!

Kate says:
I learned piano from when I was seven to when I was fifteen or sixteen. I was super-keen to start with but I got very, very nervous taking piano exams, so much so that in the end my teacher agreed to teach me through the grades without actually making me sit the exams. I'm nineteen now and a student, and I play guitar, mandolin and drums, and sing. I don't have a piano any more - my parents moved house and the piano couldn't come, and in my student flat there's no room. However, one day I will have a piano again - it's the instrument that opened up the whole world of music to me and it will always be my favourite.

Chloe says:
I started piano at twelve and went to a lovely teacher just a few minutes away from me. By the end of that year I had passed Grade One with distinction. Over the next few years I took part in several concerts and took my Grade Two, Three and Four exams, passing with merit. I am now nineteen and play backing piano in a band, and although I am at uni an hour from home, I go back every weekend to have my piano lessons! I'm working at Grade Five now and plan to go on until I get to Grade Eight - and beyond!

Carly says:
I was talked into piano lessons because my brother was taking them and my mum thought it made sense if we both learnt. I picked it up quickly but after a while it was clear I was playing by ear - just working out instinctively what to play after hearing something - and as the lessons progressed, it was clear I couldn't read music. I opted to stop the lessons, but I do still play, and my brother teaches me some quite difficult pieces as he stuck with it and can read music well. I can do a good party piece on the piano if I want to, and I love the way you can lose yourself in it all!

Daisy says:
I wanted to do piano because a friend was learning, even though I had never really been very musical up to that point. I started off well but struggled with the practice after a while. You do have to practice or else you won't get very far. I stopped doing my grades when I was fourteen using the excuse that school was getting quite pressured, but funnily enough I love piano more than I ever have now - it is the perfect stress release when studying and it lifts all my worries away and leaves me feeling peaceful and happy. I think I will go on playing piano until I am old and grey. I hope so anyway!

Fab photos of reader Molly playing piano, courtesy of Suzanne. Thank you both!

Cathy says:
These comments are SO inspiring! I was a failed piano student as a child... and again as an adult, though I loved it lots. I just never found enough time to practice! This has made me want to give it another go! Do YOU play piano? Tell us more in a COMMENT BELOW!

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