Friday 9 June 2017


My author pal Nigel Hinton - author of the classic YA book BUDDY - has written a fab new book, THE NORRIS GIRLS, which is out now! I asked him to tell us about it!

Nigel says:
A couple of years ago I was doing some talks in schools and was asked two brilliant questions that really made me think. The first one was 'Why do authors always write about unhappy families?' The other was 'Why do you always write books about boys?'

I realised it was true - lots of books are about unhappy families and most of my books do have boys as the central character. I decided to try to write a story about girls in a family that was, by and large, happy! I remembered a song that has the line, ' If you can't bring good news, then don't bring any.' It's true that most news nowadays is miserable and makes people feel pessimistic so wanted my book to be dramatic and moving but above all upbeat and optimistic.

THE NORRIS GIRLS is about three sisters whose dad is away in a dangerous country; their mum says life has to go on normally and encourages them to follow their dreams. One wants to be in the school play, one wants to be selected as an athlete for her county team and the third wants to ride ponies and dreams of having one of her own. I did lots of research, going to school plays and athletics meetings and pony clubs, but I was still worried - could I really write from a girl's point of view? When I finished the book, I decided to ask two brilliant children's authors - Cathy Cassidy and Jacqueline Wilson - to read the book and let me know what they thought. It was nerve wracking waiting to hear back, but both loved it, so I was really happy.

I hope you will like the book too! If you'd like to win a copy of THE NORRIS GIRLS, all you have to do is write to the email address below and tell me why you would like to read the book. I will choose the five best reasons and the lucky winners will each receive a copy signed by me.

Send your reasons for wanting to read the book to:

Entries close on June 30th!

By the way, check out the cool music on THE NORRIS GIRLS playlist on Spotify!

Cathy says:
I really did love this book... perfect for my younger readers aged 9-14, it's a fab, feel-good story with plenty of drama and heart. I'm thrilled that Nigel is putting some copies of the book up for grabs... this is a comp well worth trying out for! Will YOU be entering the comp? Would you like to see more comps on DREAMCATCHER? COMMENT BELOW to tell me more!

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