Tuesday 14 August 2018


Reader MAWISH really wants a pet dog but her parents don't agree... will Coco find a compromise for her?


I really want a pet dog and keep mentioning it to my parents but they won’t listen! They keep making excuses why it wouldn’t be suitable. It makes me really sad because I’d look after it and walk it all the time. Is there a way I can show them how responsible I’d be?

I like that you are trying to find a solution to this dilemma by finding ways to show your parents that you can be responsible... and a great way to do this would be to volunteer at a local animal shelter. The animals always need walking and cleaning out, and you'd soon see how much work is involved in having a dog and know for sure whether you'd be up for the task! This may convince your parents that a new addition to the family would work - in which case, I'd recommend a rescue dog, as they're often every bit as adorable and loving as a pedigree.

However... what if your parents still say no? They may just not want a dog, and perhaps no amount of campaigning on your behalf will change that. Not every family is suited to keeping a dog... perhaps someone is allergic, or you live in a small flat, or everyone is out at school or work all day and there's nobody to exercise the dog? If your family remain against the idea, the only way forward is to accept their decision and keep on volunteering at the animal shelter, or offer to walk the dogs of neighbours who may appreciate an extra hand. That way you get to bond with the dogs and deepen your knowledge of how to care for them, and one day when you have a household of your own you can welcome a pet in, safe in the knowledge that it will be wanted, loved and well cared for. Good luck... let me know how it goes!

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