Wednesday 8 August 2018


We asked CC readers with very cool names to share the stories of how they came to have those names... their stories are just awesome!

When my mum was pregnant she thought I was going to be a boy. She had picked out a name and chosen all the stuff for my room but when she discovered I was a girl she said she wanted to pick a name that would be different. She also wanted my name to be strong and independent just like she hoped I would be. (She says I am!) Her favourite TV show NCIS had a character in called Ziva who was very independent and never took any messing - but she was also very kind. So that is how I became Ziva. My name is from the Hebrew and it means brilliance/ brightness. If you spell it with an e instead of an I it means 'warrior princess' and that is appropriate too... when I was a baby I was very poorly and I nearly died. The staff at the RVI said even though I had an i and not an e in my name,  I was still a warrior princess to them!

My name is Amazing. I was called this because when my mum went to the hospital to give birth to me I wasn't forthcoming... the doctors decided to allow some time for things to progress, but agreed to decide on a plan in case the birth was not going to go well. So the doctors came back with a plan of what to do - and then at the last minute I was born naturally after all, and the doctors said, 'That was amazing!' And so I was called Amazing! I love my name because it's unique and I love the sound of it. The good comments people make about my name are nice, like 'That's a lovely name...' This just makes me feel special! Buuuuuut the thing I hate is when people make puns and jokes using my name on PURPOSE. Sometimes people do this by accident which is OK and I don't mind that, but you can always tell when they are doing it on purpose. Anyway... I love my name and I will never ever wish for any other! 

My name is Brocha. If your having trouble reading my name, don’t worry as most people generally do! Brocha means 'blessing' in Hebrew, and even though my parents aren’t at all religious, I guess they just seemed to like the name, and it clicked. Throughout my life I’ve been called everything, and now at this point I tend to expect to laugh when people say my name. Because by now I just know they won’t say it right! When I was younger I hated my name. I hated being different and not having a normal name like most girls I knew. But now I'm older, I guess having such a weird name helps get my voice heard. People can’t ignore me, And I definitely make most people look twice when my name is on a list of some sort. But then again, my name suits my personality, as I am loud and unusual and there certainly are very few like me! I guess it took me a while to get used to having to repeat my name to most people before they properly know me, but now I’ve just grown into it. Everyone knows me as 'Brocha' and they accept me for 'Brocha.' My name is just a label... in reality it’s your personality that matters most!

Such lovely stories... and great insights into three wonderful personalities! I love unusual names... do YOU have a cool or unusual name? Would you like to tell us more about it for the DREAMCATCHER blog? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Mum nearly called me Bronagh. I like that name because it's the name of one of my favourite actresses and I could have shortened it to "Bro". I suppose it wouldn't have mattered in the end since I'm a boy and needed a suitable name but still! I could have spent my school years as Bro!

  2. My parents called me harmony which means peace ,many think I was called harmony because of music .I also find like amazing that people go "aww that's a nice name".I live up to my name because I am peaceful.

  3. My name is Anael and it symbolises one of the 12 angels of God on Hebrew. I really love it because it is unique and i have never met anybody with the same name as me. Some people make fun of it because it is so rare, but everybody else tells me its beautiful and I only listen to them. I would never change my name or wish for another one because I love it so much and it is very special and meaningful x



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