Saturday 13 April 2019


My name is Kathryn Evans and the lovely Cathy has let me hijack DREAMCATCHER for the day - I thought I'd tell you about my new book and set a cool COMPETITION for you! 

The comp is easy - just tell me what YOU'D put into a time capsule!

In my new book, BEAUTY SLEEP, sixteen year old Laura is put into cryostasis in 1986.  She has to pack a few things that will be there for her in the future when she’s woken up. Laura’s box is very similar to the things I’d have packed when I was her age! (Yes, OK, that's me on the right when I was a teen...)
So... into my time capsule I'd pack...

I was obsessed with scrap books when I was a teenager. I stuck in pictures of all the bands I loved, from magazines like Smash Hits. I was absolutely in love with John Taylor from Duran Duran so there were loads of pics of him. I’ve still got this picture ! If I was a teenager now though, my scrapbook would definitely be full of all the things I got up to with my friends - we just didn’t have that many photographs back then. 

Tape of fave tunes 
I can’t live without music. I love festivals and always have the radio on. In 1986 there was no Spotify, so we mixed our own tapes and gave them as gifts. Laura puts a tape she’d recorded with her best friend Stacey into the time capsule.

Picture of my family
I grew up in a family of seven - four kids, Mum, Dad and Nana. As annoying as brothers and sisters can be, I wouldn’t be without them. I’d show you a picture but they’d kill me... 

I don’t care what anyone says, it’s not childish to love your teddy. Your teddy sees you through the best and the worst of times. Your teddy is your confident and pal and never criticises or judges. I’d take my teddy over some people anyway of the week. Here he is, this is Scruffy - you may recognise the description of Laura’s teddy from this actual real life , moth eaten old bear. I love him and I don’t care who knows it.

Favourite clothes 
I had to save money from my paper round to buy any decent clothes so every item was precious - a pair of blue skin tight jeans with white piping down the side were my prized possession. Once I bought a studded belt, I’d wanted one FOREVER. My dad marched me back to the shop and made me give it back - he said he didn’t want a punk rocker for a daughter! I gave Laura a couple things that I would have loved to own but didn’t have the money for - a blue Bennetton jumper and a Choose Life t-shirt. She should have had a ra-ra skirt too. I did eventually save up enough to buy a grey one of those - just as they went out of fashion.

If you were going to sleep for forty years, what would YOU pack to take with you? The list I love best will win a Choose Life T-shirt – just like Laura’s - and a copy of my brand new book BEAUTY SLEEP!  

Cathy says:
Kathryn's book BEAUTY SLEEP is hands down the best book I've read this year - it's gripping, thought-provoking and chilling by turn... I seriously could not put it down! If you like YA books with a dystopian twist you'll love it! To enter the comp, either COMMENT BELOW or email me with the list of what YOUR time capsule would include HERE. What are you waiting for?!!!


  1. Amazing post, love it! In my time capsule I would put:
    1. My favourite book - Me mam. Me dad. Me
    2. A postcard I got from Jacqueline Wilson and a letter from Cathy Cassidy!
    3. A salwar kameez (an Asian dress) which my grandma bought me from Pakistan.
    4. My Baking Bible book, with all my favourite recipes in!
    5. My cat Smudge - I would somehow find a way to bring him with me!

  2. In my time capsule I would put:
    1- My garmin watch so i knew the time and could still run and feel free.
    2- A mirror to reflect light on to my face
    3- Fahrenite aftershave just love that smell
    4- Suduko and a pen to keep my brain going
    5- DNA of my mum may be they could make another mum for me as i miss mine so much.
    6- A seed of a willow tree.
    7- A swing to hang from my willow tree.

    1. How beautiful - i love that running feeling too - so does Laura in Beauty Sleep :)

  3. I'm my time capsule I would put:
    1-my fave teddy bear his name is wolfie
    2- my Cathy Cassidy signed book
    3-my diary
    4-my phone I have no idea of it would still work
    5-a photo of my best friends

    1. This is a great list, lots of comforting things :)

  4. 1. My teddy Katie
    2. My tutu
    3. My Piedro boots
    4. My signed CC and Nigel Hinton book.

  5. My teen time capsule:
    1. My notebook of terrible songs I've written (90s edition!)
    2. My photo albums and SLR camera
    3. My guitar
    4. A CD player and a handful of my favourite CDs by longhaired 90s slackers.
    5. My collection of Douglas Adams books.

    My adult time capsule:
    1. My notebook of terrible songs I've written (21st Century edition!)
    2. My guitar
    3. An iPod loaded with all my music (and maybe some kind of solar powered battery pack so it would still work in the future?)
    4. My library card.

    Thanks and can't wait to read Beauty Sleep!

    1. Oh this made me laugh! I bet your songs aren't terrible!

  6. bearsbeetsbattlestargalactica28 April 2019 at 09:50

    This book sounds really interesting! Here's my list:
    1. The sheet music of Bohemian Rhapsody that i have for my piano since it's my favourite song
    2. My ukulele
    3. A book called 'The Perks of being a wallflower' which is extremely close to my heart
    4. A dreamcatcher that i made a while ago
    5. A recipe for tacos in case they're forgotten

  7. written by genie from :) !

    1. My Sony MP3 Walkman (because I can't live without music :P)
    2. My journal
    3. My library card
    4. A watch
    5. Money (could come in handy lol)
    6. My sketchbook with a pencil case
    7. A CC book, a Malory Towers book and 2 Max Remy books
    8. Some basic clothes, my favourite shirts and pants as well as a jacket and scarf for when it gets cold :)



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