Sunday 22 March 2020


Looking for a book to curl up with while the world around us goes mad? Reader Sasha reviews Cathy Cassidy's LOOKING GLASS GIRL... read on to see if it's the book for you!

Sasha says:
I've been a CC fan for quite a while now - it started with the beautifully illustrated covers of the earlier CC books and the stunning stories within. I even got the chance to meet Cathy back in 2010 in Dudley, and when I spotted her 'modern take on Alice in Wonderland', LOOKING GLASS GIRL, I knew I had to review it. In fact, I leapt at the chance! With my love of a good story, I have a very large to-read pile, but the moment I picked this book up from the library the beautiful cover just called out to me like the Cheshire Cat, asking 'Why haven't you stepped into my world?' I opened up the first few pages and before I knew it, I was completely and utterly... lost!

Many have attempted to re-tell Lewis Carroll's classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, with its twisting logic and mythical creativity, and although LOOKING GLASS GIRL is not a re-telling as such, it has both of these two magical ingredients. When you are taking a classic and re-arranging it yourself, you have to flood each section with originality, a style of your own. That is definitely what happens here with LOOKING GLASS GIRL. It is now the 21st century and of course things are different, but small twists and turns and surprises create a book that will make you gasp.

I found it easy to soak into the story and connect with Alice in more ways than I ever expected. Alice's two friends from primary school have abandoned her, occasionally turning round to fake a sickly kindness. Many of us will have gone through something similar at some point, and now we see it from the perspective of a character we can trust. We even glimpse the viewpoints of less obviously likeable characters like Yaz, Lainey and Savvy - they have personas we can relate to, which makes the story stronger still.

LOOKING GLASS GIRL switches from one narrator to another with ease, and the Alice theme never feels forced. The book has a strong Wonderland theme, but switches back and forth with the present day too, which makes it unique. LOOKING GLASS GIRL is sure to put a smile on your face, tears in your eyes and a strong beat in your heart. Do not miss out. It's wacky, original and full of heart. I recommend very strongly!

Cathy says:
Wow... what a review! (Blush, blush!) Thank you, Sasha! Have YOU read LOOKING GLASS GIRL yet? COMMENT BELOW to have your say! 

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  1. I love your books so much!!!! Looking Glass Girl is soooo good!! <3



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