Wednesday 1 April 2020


The world has turned upside-down in recent months - but we can get through the difficult times if we help each other...

Cathy says:
The DREAMCATCHER reader blog has been drifting along for a while now, and I'd been wondering whether to close it down. Now, suddenly, life has changed in ways we could never have imagined. A new virus is sweeping across the world, and in an effort to keep their people safe governments far and wide are declaring that we must lockdown, stay at home, stop socialising and only go out once a day for exercise.

The schools have shut except for the children of key workers and the vulnerable, and you'd think that would be a cause for celebration... but not seeing your friends for weeks and weeks on end? That's hard. Lockdown brings many challenges. How to get through the day without strangling your pesky little brother; how to cope when your dance/ swim/ gymnastics class has been cancelled for the forseeable future; how to stop yourself going stir-crazy in general, in fact.

That's where the DREAMCATCHER reader blog can help... and where YOU can help, too. Email me on the link below to share your ideas on how to make the best of lockdown; tell me what it's like for you right now; tell me what helps, what doesn't, what worries you, what you plan to do once the lockdown is over... and more. I'll share as much as I can here on DREAMCATCHER... and there will lots of cool ideas, competitions and challenges to keep you busy, too, so if you haven't given this blog a 'follow' please do that now so you don't miss a post.

And here is the first cheer-up thing... a daily ten minute chance to escape the reality of lockdown and hang out in the world of my book LOVE FROM LEXIE. I'm reading a new chapter every day, so if you haven't watched yet head over to my CathyCassidyTV YouTube channel and binge watch those you've missed! If someone in your family has Facebook, you can see the daily links on too, or follow this link over to my personal YouTube which is the first place I'm uploading each chapter! See you soon... and get those ideas coming!

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We can get through this together... keep smiling!
Cathy xx

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  1. Thank you so much for all your wonderful blogs Cathy! They are really helping me <3



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