Friday, 17 April 2020


Reader Ella Rose, age twelve, responded to the virus situation by writing a powerful, beautiful poem... with a gorgeous illustration to match. I asked her to tell us more...

Ella Rose says:
The reason I wrote this poem is, I didn’t have anything to do during the “school day” so I wanted to write a poem about what’s happening right now in the world. The poem took about fifteen minutes to write and it was written right at the beginning of quarantine but I do still feel the same way about the situation now. I love writing poems when I’m bored, and creating stories, but I’ve never really thought about writing as a career - I’m sure it would be amazing.

I’m feeling strange about the current situation as I’m not used to not being able to see my friends every day. I know a lot of other people feel this way but we need to stay safe. I’m turning thirteen in just under a month and it will be really strange to not be able to see my friends on my birthday... it’s really important that we stay safe though.

Lockdown Poem
Trapped inside and locked,
Frozen streets no people out
Eyes pressed up against glass.

Type down sweet rhythms
In hope that life will sing clear,
Isolated fear.

Silence broken by
The sound of laughter through sky
Piercing, sweet, quiet.

Main roads seem broken,
Only shadows in presence,
Minds controlled by power.

Families glued
Like dolls in a doll's house, trapped...
Months of repeating.

Amazing artwork by Ella Rose

Cathy says:
Ella Rose's poem really gives me shivers... it's really powerful... and I love the quiet melancholy of her illustration too! Have YOU found that you've been more creative in lockdown? COMMENT BELOW to have your say or tell us if you liked this post!  


  1. Ella, you have created a sense of being so stuck. I hope you have managed to create a life inside that eases it. Your picture has illuminating detail of your life inside xxsally

  2. That's lovely

  3. Ella, this is amazing what a talented girl you are. Well done!
    I really enjoyed reading this you seem to have captured the ambience of the whole country just now in just a few lines...excellent!

  4. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! It made me cry <3

  5. It is truly fascinating and written with admirable brevity. Love it!



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