Wednesday 15 April 2020


Reader Honor celebrated her ninth birthday during the coronavirus lockdown - we asked how she managed to make it cool and special!

Honor says:
I've been finding the lockdown a little stressful and weird - I'm not used to it. It's difficult when you need things and you can't go to the shops, and I suddenly feel very far away from my friends and my nanas and grandads. At first it seemed like a long holiday, but that has worn off now, and it just feels endless. What has been good is that I've realised how much you can do to have fun without needing to go anywhere... I've had more time than usual to read books and spend time with family.

My birthday felt very different, though. I had to cancel the arranged sleepover with my two friends but I guess I can look forward to having it when the lockdown is over. Instead, we had a tea party at home with Mum, Dad, my big sister Eleanor and my baby sister Evangeline. We had lemonade in a teapot and used proper cups and saucers and there was lots of party food. We all got dressed in our best clothes and mummy didn't do any of her work (she is working from home now) which all helped to make it special.

We also played board games - Cluedo and Exploding Kittens, which was fun. We video called my friend Evie and my nana. My other friend who lives on our cul-de-sac came up with her mum - they had made a Happy Birthday poster! They stood at the bottom of my garden and I looked out of the window and they all waved to me... that was great!

My advice to anyone having a birthday during lockdown is to not overthink it too much and be grateful for being safe at home with your family. There will be lots of time later to have celebrations. Have fun with the things you have in the house and enjoy your family. Cathy Cassidy is my favourite author and it was amazing to receive a happy birthday message from her... and of course, my lovely birthday cake was iced to look like one of my favourite books, SWEET HONEY, only it said SWEET HONOR instead!

Cathy says:
Honor's birthday cake is the coolest one I've seen in ages... and I love how she has made the best of a difficult situation to have a brilliant birthday no matter what! What things are YOU doing to get through the lockdown? COMMENT BELOW to let us know... or to wish Honor a fab birthday!


  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday sweetheart. Xxx

  2. I am so pleased that you had a great birthday despite the lockdown - it looked like great fun! I especially liked the message on the car - I hope you got lots of honks! Love from Mrs. Green x



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