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Musical Theatre teacher Jenny has some top tips to help you stay fit and happy during the current lockdown... they might just put a smile on your face, too!

Jenny says:
HOLA! I'm Jenny, and I am a Musical Theatre nerd and Physical Theatre nut.  I love all things creative (and I adore Cathy Cassidy and her brilliant books.) I’d love to share some tips and tricks with ya on how to stay fit and upbeat during lockdown... I’ll attach some silly videos for you to watch as well!

I’m lucky in the sense that I already had a really solid routine in the morning, which I’ve kept to; I  shower every day, get dressed, have coffee, put a little bit of make up on and do my hair.  All of this gives me a bit of focus and I feel prepared for the day. Most of my lectures and classes are now via video call, so it would be a bit weird if I was in my jamas!

I don’t work out heavily every day – sometimes I just don’t feel like it, and that’s okay. I try not to pressure myself because then it just becomes a chore, but most days, I’ll stretch. It gets the oxygen and blood flowing around your body and makes you feel more awake and alert! It’s something you can do at any time – you don’t need to necessarily do it at the start/end of a big workout. My stretchy-movement comes from a massive influence in yoga and flow, with some contemporary dance practice in there too, but it just means I move with breath.

I stretch my arms up high around my body – I breathe in. I lower them around my body – I breathe out. That sort of thing. If you are working at the computer a lot, it’s really helpful to stretch on a tea break when you’re waiting for the kettle, or just having a walk about the house. Any body part that you feel like needs waking up, apply the same process; side stretches, forward bends – just be gentle with yourself.  Here’s a chilled physical video I posted online last week:

If you don’t fancy any of that, which is sound, then I’d 100% suggest just popping on a great playlist of upbeat songs and having your own dance party!  Twenty minutes of boogying is 1) fun 2) makes you laugh and 3) gets the blood pumping!

Another way I keep myself busy and happy is with music and theatre; I write songs, I play piano, I sing, I watch theatre and make theatre-y things.  I’m in a duo called Limerance with Cathy’s son, Calum. We were gutted to miss out this month on our favourite festival, Threshold Festival in Liverpool and we’re both missing playing music together.

I think it’s important to:
1) Talk to your friends – Cal and I speak every day, whether it’s posting silly quarantine videos, catching up or video calling each other.  It’s important that you’re reaching out to your friends and still making each other laugh!

2) ‘Do’ your passion – even though Cal and I can’t sing together right now, I’ve been trying to suss out more songs on the piano, been recording music videos, singing at any point I can - I’ve stopped caring about my boyfriend or the neighbours being able to hear me! I think the more you do it, the less you care!

I have quite a wide range of taste – sometimes I feel like singing folk/country stuff, sometimes my own songs... but most of the time it’s Musical Theatre. If you’re into Musical Theatre like I am, you’ll know the importance of acting and the journey of your character.  By exploring different MT songs, it can be a really good focus but also a very cathartic experience; a good outlet for your worries and anxieties.  It can also be really uplifting for yourself to get really into a positive or cheesy MT number! If you do any of the above, I’d love to see them! Please tag me in your vids on Insta @jencoylemt

Cathy says:
I love Jenny's ideas for keeping fit and happy in lockdown... I'm going to try the yoga breaths, I'm already doing the kitchen dancing, and the funny video links from Cal and Jen made me laugh out loud! I'm also doing an early morning dog walk while the streets are empty, and it's my fave part of the day. What are YOU doing to keep moving - and smiling - during lockdown? COMMENT BELOW to share your tips!


  1. YES JENNY! Love this xx

  2. Jenny sounds like SUCH a cool teacher! I'd love to learn musical theatre as I LOVE to dance! Keep singing Jenny <3 <3

  3. LOOK at that LEG! !!



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