Friday, 24 April 2020


French reader Héloïse, age twelve, tells us what it's like to be in lockdown in the French counytryside... 

Héloïse says:
The current situation is very strange but - I hope I'm not selfish - I am taking the opportunity to live my life. I can finally allow myself to strengthen the privileged links I have with my parents and my animals. Of course, I miss school and my friends. I do my homework. But I love my sweet home and all the people I live with, animals as well as humans. And I'm happy to spend time with everyone.

In France, you can leave the house only if you have to go to work - if you cannot work from home, or if you're a doctor or health worker etc ...) You must have a certificate which specifies why you're out, for example to do essential food shopping. If you don't have it, in case of police control, you risk a big fine. Some cities have imposed a curfew. We do not have masks here.

The French government has just extended the lockdown, we don't know until when, but beyond April 13 anyway. My father is partially unemployed but paid, and my mother has stopped work for childcare as proposed by the government if you cannot work from home.

I live in the French countryside, in a small village, in a  big house with a big garden. I am very lucky, even if a part of me worries about people suffering. Somewhere, in spite of all, nature found the way to breathe. At home, there are many of us: my parents, my dog I consider as my sister, our fourteen cute chickens and Bilbo the rooster, one of the nicest creatures of the world, our tamed fishes, my gecko and the snails I saved this winter. The gecko and the snails live in my bedroom! There is also our two Vietnamese pot bellied pigs, two cats and Samy the turtle. In fact, there is so much to do that I can't get bored, not like at school!

Cathy says:
Thank you Héloïse for an insight into lockdown in France... no wonder you don't get bored with all those lovely animals! How are YOU coping with the lockdown? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Really amazing to hear what it's like in France, makes me feel we're all in this together!

  2. I wish I could live in the countryside during Lockdown, especially the FRENCH countryside! Sounds amazing Heloise! <3



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