Saturday, 27 June 2020


Reader Rebecca shares her experience of lockdown as the child of a doctor working on a Covid-19 ward...

Rebecca says:
I'm nine years old and I live in a small village by the sea in Devon. I live with my mum, dad, six year-old sister and four year-old brother, and I love dancing, reading and hanging out with my friends. When the lockdown was announced, I felt sad and a bit confused because I didn't understand what was happening. My mum, brother, sister and I went to stay at my grandparents house because my dad was a doctor on a Covid-19 ward and my parents felt it was safer.

I missed my dad and my friends very much, but some parts of lockdown were good. We played in the garden and helped with planting seeds (we don't have a garden at home) and went for long walks in the countryside. I did the Joe Wicks workout with my mum every morning. I read lots of books and Mum helped me with my schoolwork.

After eight weeks away from my dad, my mum got a new job as a Covid-19 tracker, so we came back home and started school as we were children of key workers. It was great to see some of my friends, but school was very different to how it had been before the pandemic. We do the same work that is sent out to the other kids in our year, but we play outside a lot more and it's easier than being at home all day. I don't get to exercise with my mum anymore though! Now things have changed again as the lockdown is eased and more kids are returning to school.

Reading has helped me a lot though the lockdown - if I am bored or sad or missing my friends, I can read. I got the idea for the Cathy Cassidy Scrabble board picture when I was playing Scrabble with my mum and she played the words 'Finch' and 'Honey' without realising they were characters in a book! Summer is my favourite Cathy Cassidy character because she loves to dance like me. I hope that after lockdown I'll be able to have lessons like her, and I look forward to seeing all my friends again!

Cathy says:
I absolutely love Rebecca's artwork, and I'm so proud of her courage during the lockdown... it is not easy to be separated from  family. What have YOUR greatest challenges been during the lockdown? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. My biggest challenge has been having to not see my friends!

  2. I agree. Reading truly helps and creates a portal to escape from the crushing reality. It's fascinating how different worlds lay upon pages and you can travel and be a part of it.



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