Monday, 30 October 2017


Readers share their favourite things about autumn...

Katie says:
**Puts on Ravenclaw scarf** Well arutumn means my first day back at Hogwarts, of course! I ride the Hogwarts Express, ruck into a feast in the Great Hall. watch the Sorting Hat and listen to what Dumbledore has to say, all while catching up with friends at my table and from other Houses. Then I curl up in my tranquilly decorated room, ready for a whole new term of classes, Quidditch try-outs and Halloween, before December even arrives!

Michelle says:
Walking through crunchy leaves, warm coats... and Halloween!

Anna says:
Autumn means snuggling up by the fire with a mug of something warm and comforting. Waking up to see the grass sparkling with the first frost, carpets of auburn and golden leaves with conkers shining amongst them for delighted children to collect. Autumn means cosy scarves and woolly hats, big coats and new boots with fluffy socks. It means the smell of woodsmoke and toasted marshmallows with fireworks popping and fizzing all around. It means cosiness, and the anticipation of winter's Christmas magic!

Ali says:
To me, it means panicking slightly about getting through the winter... and lots of dark dog walks! It also means taking out a second mortgage on fairy lights, candles and snuggly clothes to restore my sense of calm!

Violet says:
Autumn means flannel shirts and boots... what else?

Anastazcia says:
Snuggling up on the sofa with my little boy, making the most of it before my new baby arrives - due December 24th! The next few weeks will be filled with candles, movies, hot chocolate, homemade soup and finishing off the baby's room!

Kellie says:
This year autumn means school, friends and happiness to me. I  had a difficult time in Year 5 and 6, trying to handle a bullying problem that just wouldn't go away no matter what I did. Now I'm at a new school and it really has been a fresh start. For the first time in ages I have friends I can trust and I can feel my confidence and personality coming back. All the usual autumn term things are brilliant to me this year, and I'll be trick-or-treating with friends on Halloween and going to a big bonfire party with them... this year, autumn means the start of being happy.

BeeBee says:
Autumn means the old melting away like falling leaves!

Gemma says:
Crunchy leaves, frost on the ground, the way your breath hangs in the air before you like smoke. Having to wear hats and gloves and scarves and boots. And the return of porridge and honey for breakfast and hot chocolate at night!

Cathy says:
Love these... what does autumn mean to YOU? Tell all in a COMMENT BELOW!

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  1. Yes, yes, yes, it's back to Hogwarts for me too! (I'm in Hufflepuff :)) I'll see you there!
    #Harry Potter Goals



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