Saturday, 28 October 2017


Katie has a full-time job in hospitality - as well as a 'side hustle' part-time job she adores! Find out more - and watch Katie's fab facepaint demo video - just perfect for Halloween!

Katie says:
At school, I changed my mind a million times about what I wanted to be - the one thing I did figure out was that I didn't want a regular 'career'. When I left, I did office work for two and a half years and hated it; I travelled for two years and now I work in hospitality, which I enjoy it. However, I have a 'side hustle' job that I REALLY love!

A couple of years back I noticed a friend was selling make up products online for a company called Younique... at the start, I almost unfollowed her because of all the posts, but gradually I became interested and started to pay attention to what she was doing! A year later, I decided to jump in myself and began to sell Younique products in between my shifts. I really fell in love with the job because of the culture and community of the company - the manifesto is: uplift, empower, validate - and I have seen that in action since joining! Loving the actual products is a bonus - they are high quality products that actually do the job and their longevity, versatility and wearability are awesome! The products aren't tested on animals and some are vegan friendly. I would 100% recommend them as they are suited to people with a variety of allergies, beliefs and skin types.

I think the most important reason I love selling for Younique is that this job has given me the confidence to be myself... that has been life changing. It has given me a tribe of amazing and supportive men and women to be a part of too, as well as giving me the ability to come out of my comfort zone! Those are just a few reasons why I love what I do so much. This job gives me the opportunity of financial freedom and the chance to work from home, and I very much hope to do it full-time one day. Those plus points are great, but knowing I'm doing something I love for a company that has given me so much self-esteem and satisfaction is the best thing of all!

Katie loves making little Facebook videos of cool looks, and I thought I'd share a cute Halloween look she's done that you might like! Just click here...
or follow Katie on FB HERE... 

Cathy says:
I love Katie's enthusiasm... when you love your job, nothing feels like 'work'! Check out the link to her facepaint demo too, it's brilliant! Have YOU got the best job ever? Or do you know someone who has? Email me here or COMMENT BELOW and you could be featured on DREAMCATCHER! 

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