Saturday 11 May 2019


I get a lot of cool emails, messages and letters from readers. I wanted to share this one from reader Amy, because it made me cry... 

Amy says:
I have constantly gone over in my mind about whether or not I should send you a letter. And, at 1:49 am in the morning on the 14th April 2019 I have finally decided to do so. My name is Amy, and I am eighteen years old. For years I have constantly wondered how I would start my letter to you. I have always wondered what I should write, how I should write to you or when I should write to you. You are possibly wondering why I am writing to you.

I am writing to you because you changed my life. I know it sounds extreme in saying that but is entirely the truth. Everything that I am is because I read your books as a kid. Ultimately I just want to thank you - a massive thank you!

As a child I was told by teachers I would amount to nothing. My reading and my writing would be terrible. I would fail at everything. That is what they told my mum, but all that changed the day I picked up SCARLETT.

It is possible that my words may mean nothing to you but your words have meant everything to me. Your books have taught me so much. They have taken me to different places. They have been my escape for the past decade. I am so incredibly grateful to you. My love for reading and writing started the day I read Scarlett and it will never stop till the day I die.

SCARLETT taught me the importance of learning to accept people and to stop holding grudges. It also taught me I wanted an Irish boyfriend with a horse called Kian. LUCKY STAR taught me the importance of learning to accept my own scars. SUNDAE GIRL showed me the dangers of alcohol and the importance of a loving family. MARSHMALLOW SKYE taught me the value of being different. SUMMER'S DREAM taught me the importance of expressing your feelings. DIZZY taught me the importance of just enjoying life in a moment.

Your characters and stories are wonderful. Every book that I have read by you is dear to me.
They have changed me. Everything that I am is because I read SCARLETT. She had such a big impact on my life. I have read that book many, many, many, many times. Every time I read it, it is like coming home. Most people have HARRY POTTER as their first books. I have SCARLETT. I will forever treasure that book. I will treasure all of those books... and I can't begin to imagine how different my life would be if I had not picked up SCARLETT that day.

Cathy says:
THANK YOU Amy for your lovely words... they make all of the hard work worthwhile. Gulp! Do YOU have a book that changed your life? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. Every one of Cathy Cassidy's books has a meaning behind the story. This is what makes her books so good to read as you learn a life lesson along the way. Her books have tought me to believe in myself and not let anyone bring me down. For this I thank you Cathy x

  2. Amanda from Holland12 May 2019 at 11:05

    It's great that your books have such a positive impact on people's lives and I'm glad Amy found what she was looking for. You, as the writer, make big a difference without knowing all your readers. You give people hope, because your characters are genuine and your readers can identify with them.

    Isn't that part of what writing is all about: making a difference? I'd say you have an amazing job. Keep writing your great stories. ��❤

  3. I've probably mentioned it before, but for me it's Dizzy. Until then I wanted to be a vet. Then I read Dizzy and decided I wanted to be an author. Ten years later I'm studying English Literature and Creative Writing at university!

  4. Such a lovely letter! Marshmallow Skye was the first CC book I read and was the best book I'd read in a long time and made me like reading even more! I went on to read all the rest I'd missed ☺

  5. I remember the day I read Lucky Star. I was nine years old and an avid reader tired of all the stort stories recommended for my age. I took initiative and picked Lucky Star off the shelf and have never regretted that decision. The book was not only moving and inspired me to love my physical body, but it also showed me who I wanted to be. It unlocked the millions of stories in my head and gave them little pushes, each one gradually making its way to the surface. I'm an author today because Cathy was an author then and still works tirelessly to expand the CC world. I've been a fan for what feels like my whole life, I'll forever stay this way! ♥



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