Monday 10 February 2020


We all know winter can be tough so we've come up with some hot tips to melt away those winter blues! 

1) Take a stroll outside and soak up that crisp winter sun!
Not only does exercise trigger a release of serotonin (the happiness hormone!) in your brain, but getting out and about, even on the greyest of days can expose you to much needed vitamin D.

2) Journal ten things you're grateful for... instant mood booster!
Winter is often a time where we feel low and hide ourselves away from others. This behaviour can often lead to low and often sad moods. A cool way to tackle this is to log a journal about things you are grateful for. It will get you thinking positive thoughts about your friends, family and environment. Even in the darkest times we should find the light in others.

3) Watch a sunset!
It doesn't come too often but when it does there's nothing quite like a winter sunset! Wait for that perfectly clear, crisp winter day, wrap up warm, fix a flask of hot chocolate and stroll up to the nearest hill or city park and just watch the sun set! Finding small beauties in the coldness of winter; it's priceless!

4) Plan a hot choc date with a friend!
Winter is not the time to be alone. Human interaction is a must during these cold, hard winter months... so why not invite your bestie over for a hot chocolate and movie night?

5) Confront something you've been avoiding... giving it all your focus and attention is halfway to sorting the problem out.
Winter is the perfect time to confront that project you've been avoiding! Maybe set up your own space, snuggle into your fave slouchy jumper, put some motivational music on and get cracking!

6) Meditate!
Maybe it's the stress of Christmas or maybe it's all that shivering but winter makes for lots of tension, mental and physical. Meditation is a great way to breathe and release the mind and release the tension stored in your body, relaxing you and ultimately cheering you up! Check out the free 'Calm' app for an easy intro!

7) De-clutter or re-arrange your bedroom... we're thinking cosy winter wonderland!
What is better for the mind than a good clear-out. It's almost as if you are dusting away your own troubles! Even just moving your bed from one side of the room to the other or placing a cosy lamp in the corner, it can do wonders to your mental health. 

8) Tell someone you love them - friend, family or boyf/girlfriend! Awww!
You may be feeling a bit low this winter but you're almost certainly not the only one. Telling someone you love them or appreciate them is a guaranteed mood-booster for your loved ones and not only that, here's betting you will feel all warm and fuzzy inside too!

9) Read a book!
This hibernation period is the perfect opportunity to tuck yourself away, curl up next to a fire and make a start on that pile of 'must-reads' you've been collecting! Not only will this improve your mood, it will get those creative juices flowing... and well we all know reading is good in every other area of your life too!

10) Try a winter sport!
Ice-skating or dry slope skiing are great ways to beat the winter blues. Staying active is key to a happy mind and body... we can become slouchy in the winter which can lead to bad mental health.
Images with thanks to Pexels

Yep, I'm definitely trying these out for size!! Have YOU got any good tips or tricks you'd like to share? COMMENT BELOW!!

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