Tuesday 4 February 2020


Three readers explain why growing up with CC books helped to shape their lives...
Abi says:
I have adored your books for about fourteen years now. My mum used to find books she thought I'd like in charity shops and when I was twelve, she bought home INDIGO BLUE - the first book of yours I ever read. It moved me and helped me, our family going though something similar just a couple of years before and it made me feel more normal knowing other people go through that too. At a young age I hadn't really grasped that there are families who run away to get away from parents/spouses to feel safer and while things had got better by the time I read you're book it made me feel not so alone knowing other people went through this, even just in a book.

Since then I've read all your other works. I am twenty four now, but your books are always my go-to when I want to reread something and try to find them in the library! I just wanted to say thank you for writing all your stories. Little parts stick with me always, and they were a huge part of my teen years and still are now.

Paige says:
I’m fifteen years old. I recently found out about your new book, SAMI'S SILVER LINING, and in the name of nostalgia I dug out all my well read copies of your books from the back of my bookcase and stayed up all night devouring them all over again. The first of your books I ever read was LUCKY STAR, when I was nine years old. I remember thinking I’d never be as old as Mouse! I loved Lucky Star so much I would get in trouble for trying to read it during lessons. I read DIZZY afterwards and fell even more in love with Mouse’s story. My other favourites were DRIFTWOOD and INDIGO BLUE, and the Chocolate Box Girls of course!

I truly believe your books had a part in shaping me into the person I am today. Your books taught me so many things about friendship, love, pain & sadness, all lessons I believe I will use for the rest of my life! I guess this is just me saying thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for basically writing my childhood. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for your characters and their stories.

Samira says:
I am a seventeen year old girl - eighteen in May - and I just wanted to email you and let you know I loved your books so much growing up. You were my biggest inspiration. I had quite a difficult childhood and your books helped me put myself in a happy place. I think CHERRY CRUSH was my favourite, along with DRIFTWOOD. I used to email you to show my support and send you some stories I had typed up, you always used to reply. It made me so happy - still does now. Thank you so much for all you do for young girls around the world. You will forever be in my heart!

Cathy says:
I absolutely love hearing from my older readers and seeing how much my books have meant to them... aww! Have YOU got a book that meant the world to you? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. I'm really proud to say that I'm so in love with Cherry Crush and I re-read it most of the time. I love the fact that Cherry is a dreamer and a smart girl who pours creativity to whatever the thing she's doing.

  2. Dear Cathy, I am nearly twelve, and I love all your books that I have read. Last year in school, Dizzy was in the class library. I thought it looked weird and decided not to read it. About a month later, I was in a charity shop with my aunt and I saw Dizzy, Driftwood, Lucky Star and Scarlet for sale. My curiosity got the better of me and I bought them all. I loved them and have read many books since. I love your books and I find you such an inspiring author, so I'd just like to say thanks for being so amazing! ��



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