Friday 15 May 2020


Amanda has been in lockdown in France, where quarantine rules are just starting to be relaxed. She tells us what lockdown has been like, French-style, and shares her thoughts on coping...

Amanda says:
This virus has turned our lives upside down. The government wants us to stay at home as much as possible to protect ourselves and others and to stop the virus from spreading. Whenever we do go outside, we must fill out a form that shows the reason why we're outside. Authorities can fine us if we fail to show them the form when they ask for it.

There are other rules we're supposed to follow:
- wash your hands often, and always with soap
- wear a facemask or something similar when we go out
- avoid going outside unless you really have to
- work or follow classes from home whenever possible
- keep a distance of 6 feet from each other (social distancing)
- stay within about a mile from your home if you go out for a walk

These rules mean that many daily activities are not possible until the situation returns to normal. We can't go to our friend's house to have tea with them. We can't go to the park or go shopping, many shops are closed. When we go to the supermarket, there's a queue and security guards let us in in small groups. Team sports are not allowed. I work from home and we have regular video team meetings. Via social media and the phone, I chat a lot with friends and family. There's one friend I can see when she's in her garden and I sit by the window, so we talk like that.

Maybe you're feeling angry, scared, sad, or unsure about what's happening where you live. You know what? That's perfectly normal. We all feel that way sometimes, especially when we're in unfamiliar places or difficult situations. No one knows when this is going to end, but someday it will. Trust me. I've always been a very positive person. When I'm going through a difficult time, I try to find at least one positive thought. This quarantine is a big opportunity to learn and to grow. I ask myself what really matters to me, how lucky I've been to have what I have. I appreciate nature even more than I already did. Even though these times may make you feel uneasy, I'm sure they'll make you an even stronger human being than you already are.

Now that the weather's getting better, it's harder for people to stick to the rules. It's important that we do. The more we stick to the rules, the sooner this will be over. I've noticed a change in people's attitudes - many have become more considerate and compassionate. They appreciate more what they had. We're in this together and we'll climb out of this together, that's a promise! In the meantime, try to keep yourself busy, stay home and stay positive. You got this! Why not grab the opportunity to read your favourite Cathy Cassidy books again (and again)?

With love from France!

Cathy says:
Amanda's words are calm, positive and reassuring - and give a fascinating insight to lockdown in France, too! Have YOU found any positives to the lockdown? COMMENT BELOW to let us know!

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  1. I can't wait for this to be over, I've always wanted to visit FRANCE <3



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