Wednesday 6 May 2020


Singer, TV/ film extra and muralist Nicole was stuck at home in lockdown and looking for inspiration... and it came from a very unexpected source!

Nicole says:
Like so many of us, I've been stuck at home during this lockdown and hating not being able to work or see my friends. Luckily, I'm staying with my mum and grandad, and one day when tidying up I came across a box of old dressmaking patterns from the 1950s/60s/70s... they had belonged to my nanna. She was the most inspiring woman I have ever met and the saying in our house was, "If she can't make it, we can't have it!"

Looking through the patterns I thought I would try to make something, and see if I can live up to my nanna's legacy. There was only one problem... where to get the fabric? Luckily, whilst clearing out my grandad's loft, I came across a very old pair of curtains and thought they would be perfect for some funky, new trousers!

My  brown spotted Dalmation, Malteaser, decided to help (not!) by snuggling up in the curtains whilst I was trying to measure them! That is the drawback of living with the snuggliest dog in the world I suppose... I managed to get the pattern pieces cut out and used my nanna's old sewing machine to stitch them together. The pattern was quite simple to follow and the end result wasn't bad... perfect lounging about trousers for lockdown, in a bright colour to cheer me up!

Of course, you won't be able to get your hands on the same pattern but don't despair... a quick google shows there are loads of free dressmaking patterns available online just now. One link that I will be checking our further is:

This was something new for me and I had fun with it! It almost felt as if my nanna was back with us, helping us to not get bored during this lockdown! If you fancy trying a new skill, have a go... the sense of achievement is great, and you end up with something fun to wear! Just remember to ask before you go chopping up the living room curtains, though...

Cathy says:
I love this... Nicole's resourceful, can-do attitude is an inspiration, and perhaps the start of a new hobby, too! I'm off to look for unwanted curtains... COMMENT BELOW to tell me what YOU'VE been up to in lockdown or to leave a comment for Nicole!


  1. So cool!! I've made a kimono our of an old linen dress, it was sooo fun!

  2. I tried to make a dress out of some curtains too! It's harder than it looks!! Well done Nicole! <3 <3



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