Friday 1 May 2020


Schoolgirl Nell tells us how she's coping with missing friends, seeing her dad and keeping up with online lessons during lockdown...

Nell says:
Being in lockdown can be stressful. There is so much to worry about... school, friends and family...      but we ARE going to get through it. My parents are separated so to begin with I was concerned I might not be able to see one of them if we had to go into lockdown. However, in a statement released by the government, they said it was perfectly fine and understandable if children want to move between their parents houses.

Another worry I had at the start of lockdown was school. I didn’t know how to do work or submit it. A week in, the teachers were being very helpful and I was starting to understand. Now, at the end of week two, I feel like I have got the hang of it. Sometimes it is tricky to try to motivate myself - but that’s normal.

At first you tend to get anxious about missing or not seeing your friends. I’m lucky enough to be able to message or call most of them, and it helps me to be less stressed about the whole thing because ad long as we can be in touch we really are all in this together.

The news can be very scary to watch at times like these, but we have to remember we are better off than many people because of our brilliant NHS which does not charge us for the care it gives us. If the lockdown is getting to you,  remember not to worry. This will all go away eventually and you’ll be able to see your friends, school will be  back to usual and it will be OK.

Photo's thanks to Nell's Mum.

Cathy says:
I love Nell's positive attitude and ability to see the bigger picture! How are YOU coping with school work? Are you managing to stay in touch with friends? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. Thank you for taking the time to tell us how it is for you, Nell. I really appreciate your positive attitude - that's so uplifting. Take care

  2. I love this post, it really helps keeping positive <3



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