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If you've ever been to one of Cathy's bookstore signings, you'll know that Cathy's 'chocolate fairies' help to make the queuing more fun by handing out chocolate, friendship bracelet threads and book-samplers or bookmarks. The idea is inspired by the Tanberry-Costello sisters who dressed up as chocolate fairies for a food festival in the book Cherry Crush. But how does a reader get the job of chocolate fairy? We asked some of the girls who helped Cathy on her last tour to tell all...

Elfie says:

I couldn't believe it when cathy posted on her Facebook Fanpage that she needed chocolate fairies for her tour. I applied straight away and was amazed to be offered the job, along with my friend Isabella. The date of the event seemed ages away but it came round so fast, and soon it was the day of the signing and we were kitted out with wings and tutus, standing in the middle of Waterstones! It was great fun handing out bonbons, chocolate and friendship bracelets to the people waiting to get their books signed - the queue went right out of the shop and into the shopping centre!
The best thing about being a chocolate fairy was getting to meet Cathy, get my books signed and have a picture taken with her. It was brilliant, too, to see Cathy wearing the fox badge I made her! It was a FANTASTIC day - I'd recommend it to anyone!

Cathy says:
The fox badge Elfie made me was EPIC - it now has pride of place on my favourite Cath Kidston bag, so I see can keep it with me all the time. Big thanks to a very special chocolate fairy!

Morgan says:

I found out that Cathy was looking for chocolate fairies for her event in Bristol because it came up in my news feed on Facebook. I instantly commented and offered to help, along with my half-sister Darcie. It turned out that Cathy had offered the chocolate fairies job to two other girls, but she asked if we'd like to be 'roving reporters' and take pics of the signing queue and do little interviews for DREAMCATCHER. Of course, we said yes!!!
We dressed up as chocolate fairies to look the part, and met Cathy beforehand for a chat so we knew what to do. By this point, the queue was already snaking out of the door! Darcie took photos on Cathy's phone and posted them straight to Instagram, and I jotted down little interviews; the feature then appeared in DREAMCATCHER, which was very cool! Overall, I loved the day - I wish I could do it all over again!

Annie says:

I was a chocolate fairy for the Leeds Waterstones event, along with my friend Leah. We got the job because we saw it on the Facebook Fanpage. The best part of it was meeting Cathy but it was brilliant to meet fellow Cathy Cassidy fans, too. Our job was to hand out friendship bracelets, chocolate and booklets that had a sample chapter of the next book, Sweet Honey, and folded out into a poster. I had an amazing time - the day was lots of fun!

Cathy says: 
Spot the yummy handmade biccies Annie made for me and the soft toy mascot Leah gave me in the picture!
Katy says:

Recently I was a chocolate fairy in Gloucester Waterstones. My Auntie Annie organises Cathy's tours for her and asked if I'd like to help! I had read some of the books so of course I jumped at the chance - Cathy was lovely and gave me some really cool fairy wings with butterflies on to wear!
There was a long queue of fans all waiting to meet Cathy and have their books signed, and my job was to go up and down handing out chocolates, book samplers and friendship bracelets. Once the last book had been signed it was my turn - Cathy signed all my books before dashing off to catch a train, ready for the next leg of her tour! It was a brilliant afternoon!

Would YOU like to be a chocolate fairy at a future CC signing? Keep an eye on the EVENTS page on and watch out for the bookstore public signings on my June tour; they'll be announced in early May, and I'll be looking for helpers then! You can apply via my Facebook Fanpage! Have you ever been a CC chocolate fairy? Or been to one of my signings? Why not comment below to tell me? 


  1. I've been to one of Cathy's signings before, I had to wait for quite long but it was worth it and Cathy complemented me on my outfit by saying it had a 'vintagey vibe' Blondie

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