Thursday, 6 February 2014


Cathy is away on tour at the moment... but DREAMCATCHER must go on! Today we have a little problem-solving from the straight-talking Honey Tanberry... as well as YOUR feedback on the blog-zine so far!


Reader Jojo has written in with a problem... and Chocolate Box Girl Honey tests out her Agony Aunt skills... 

I fell out with my friends over something stupid last year and started hanging out with a group of kids who are always in trouble. My report was bad, my parents are worried and the teachers have just about given up on me. I feel that I'm getting way out of my depth, and I miss my old friends... but saying sorry has never been my strong point. Besides, it's too late now.
Jojo, Year 8

Don't be such an idiot! You're playing at being a rebel, but it's just a game - and one you're not enjoying anymore. Step away from the troublemakers before they drag you down with them... trust me, being a bad girl is not so much fun as you might think. I'm no good at apologies either, but it sounds like you messed up with your friends - is it really so hard to admit you got it wrong? Once you've trashed your school career there is no going back - I know what I'm talking about here. Swallow your pride, stop the self-destruct stuff and say you're sorry. 
Honey Tanberry x

Reader Azania adds her reply:
Dear Jojo,
You have to make a choice about your future which you may not feel ready to make... but it's time to do what's right. Don't let things slide - it's time to pull up your socks. If you're missing your old friends, try to patch things up - even if it's hard on your ego. Worst case scenario, they may not accept your apology, but you'll feel a huge weight lifted - and be ready to make new friends. Go girl - make the right choice!

Reader Bethany adds her reply:
Dear Jojo,
Hanging round with the bad kids is no joke. You'll damage your school record and you may never get your old friends back. I'm no good at saying sorry either, but I do it when I need to because friends are important; they could be around for the rest of your life. Admit you've got things wrong. If you don't, you might just regret it forever....

Reader Ava adds her reply:
Dear Jojo,
Take it from me, someone who messes up ALOT, once you have the courage to walk up to your old friends, the saying sorry bit is easy. If these girls are really your friends, they will accept your apology, even after all this time. Good luck!

What would YOU say to Jojo? Has Honey got it right? And should she take some of her own advice? Let us know what you think here! And look out for Honey's story, Sweet Honey, out on May 29th!



You've been telling us what you think of DREAMCATCHER... 

I was very pleased when I first heard about the new CC online mag - wow, a chance to see all the things we love in one place! The books take you on a rollercoaster of emotions so I hope we get to find out more about the characters. I'd also love to see fun recipes, things to do with your best friends, fashion, quizzes and games!!! Hope everybody loves the Webazine!
Mimi x

Cathy says: We hope to have all of those things in time... keep reading, Mimi!

The new CC blog/mag is a great way for CC fans to get active! I'd like to see pages on how to get the Chocolate Box Girls 'look' - I challenged myself to do the fishtail braid shown on CCTV and managed it! There could be recipes, too... panda cupcakes, like in Coco Caramel!
Vicky x

Cathy says: panda cupcakes recipe coming soon, Vicky!

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  1. I enjoyed meeting you today Cathy! It was delightful and such a treat for my two friends and I to guide you round school! You are so awesome and inspirational - thank you so, so much for coming! ♥ Thank you for making Thursday so much better for many Yr 7+8 girls!

    1. Charlotte, you were both FAB. I had a great day and loved every minute! Maybe you and your classmates will think up some ideas for Dreamcatcher mag! Let me know! xxx

  2. I love the Agony Aunt coloum! I think adding more off these things are great! Maybe you could try doing a what character are you like, like what you did in the back of Summers Dream? :D

    1. Good plan Morgan... lots of ideas in the pipeline!

  3. I think having a quiz might be good, like quizzes to know which character you are like or a quiz to know what animal would be a good pet for you or even a quiz that says what activities you'd enjoy



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