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VINTAGE DREAMER... CC reader Zoe shares her inspirations!

Here at DREAMCATCHER we think you lot are super inspiring... so now and then we'll be profiling cool teens who are living life THEIR way! Meet Zoe S, vintage chick and singer-songwriter...

Hello Zoe. You're a member of the CC Dream Team... does that mean you've met Cathy?
I've met Cathy a few times - I went to some book signings before I was a member of the Dream Team and then I met her again at a Dream Team party in London!

How old are you and what are your hobbies/ interests?
I am 17 and my interests include history, reading, writing and music. I'm a massive bookworm and I'm always reading. I like everything from Cathy's books (Driftwood and Marshmallow Skye are my favourites!) to the classics. I've even written my own children's book for a college project! Music is a huge part of my life - if I'm not playing it myself, I'm listening to it!

You have a very cool and unique style. Are you into vintage?
I am definitely into vintage! It's a huge part of who I am. I have a passion for 50s style but the 20s, 40s and 60s were also pretty cool!

Any advice for readers who love the vintage look but don't have lots of cash to splash?
Work with what you have - add turn ups to skinny jeans or vintage jewellery to plain tops. Check out vintage fairs and charity shops - you'll find great vintage pieces at low prices and get some great staples too. Pick things you can wear different ways, like a circle or pencil skirt to pair with tops you already have. Remember the high street shops have lots of vintage-inspired styles, too!

We've been hearing brilliant things about your singer/songwriter skills. How did you get started?
I've been singing for as long as I can remember! I began learning guitar when I was eight, and as a child I'd write silly songs, but I didn't properly start songwriting until I was thirteen. I had a melody and some lyrics that I just couldn't get out of my head, so I grabbed a pen and notebook and started writing. For me, music is a way of expressing myself and saying the things that are sometimes hard to say!

How do you find inspiration for writing a song? 'Hey Julie' for example?
I take inspiration from anything and everything! 'Hey Julie' was inspired by watching the film 'Letters To Juliet'. In Verona, Italy, there's a wall, part of what's thought to be Juliet's house. People have been pinning letters there for centuries, asking advice on matters of the heart. I began imagining who might have written to Juliet asking for help, and the idea of a woman whose love was away at war just came to me. That's how I came to write 'Hey Julie.'

You can listen to 'Hey Julie' here... it's AWESOME!!!

Do you enjoy performing in public?
I love it - music is a great way of connecting with people. There's almost an understanding between you and the audience because you're all feeling the same thing. Seeing people's reactions gives me such a buzz. I do get nervous beforehand, but once I'm playing my music I get lost in the moment!

What are your ambitions in life?
The plan for now is to get some good A levels and get into uni to study history... but my biggest ambition in life is to be happy and make those around me happy!

What advice would you give to readers who'd like to get into music?
It isn't necessarily the way it seems on TV shows - a lot of effort goes into getting noticed! Find YOUR style and get out there and perform. Most schools put on shows and there might be local talent shows you could enter. Get involved, start a band with your friends, and use social media to spread the word by putting your songs on Youtube, Facebook and Sound Cloud. Oh, and enjoy!

Find out more about Zoe's music here...
...and here!

If you like vintage, like Zoe and of course like Skye Tanberry from the Chocolate Box Girls series, check out this Cathy Cassidy TV clip to see how you can get Skye's style! Click here to watch!

Do you have any style secrets you'd like to share? Or do you know an inspiring teen we should profile on DREAMCATCHER? Email your suggestions here with DREAMCATCHER as the email heading... we can't reply, but we'll share the best ideas in a future Dreamcatcher Mag blog!


  1. Hi cathy Cassidy your books are totally amazing xx

  2. Hi cathy when I grow up I want to be just like you and if I do become a author your name will be in it and a little message will be underneath saying cathy Cassidy was the one who inspired me to become a author so I dedicate my first book to her. That is if I become a author. Xxxx

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  4. Love your Muisc Zoe aslo love your blog fave song yours is the winter song,can DREAMCHATHER be young kids tooo.

  5. Jaden, all ages welcome to suggest ideas and contribute to Dreamcatcher - email me if you have ideas! xxx

  6. I think your books are really inspiring and I can really imagine that I'm the character. I love animals so i suppose I'm a bit like Coco. I wish I had a caravan and a special writing place outside like you do. You're one of the first authors who has actually inspired me to maybe one day become a writer too. Blondie xxx

  7. For world book day, i'm going as Skye and i'm going to wear a cream flapper dress, a headband, some tights, my silver pumps and i'm going to style my hair with a 1920s look

  8. Again... I think Zoe is an amazing singer! I listen to her at least twice a week, in some way she reminds me of Skye. Zoe is one of my role-models, she made her dream come true! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  9. omg Blondie same(zees) I dressed up as Skye for world book day! my fave character is Skye. I do have a bit of each choc box girls



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