Sunday 16 February 2014


My book signing at Bristol's Waterstones shop at Cribb's Causeway was extra special because sisters Morgan and Darcie came along to act as roving reporters. Darcie took photos and Morgan  interviewed the signing queue as they waited to help me make a DREAMCATCHER feature about what it's like to come to a book signing! Here I am with my 'fairy reporters'!

Morgan says:
'We had to photograph and interview some of the readers in the queue, which was really interesting - and hard work! It was SO busy and the queue went right out of the door, but Cathy's chocolate fairies made sure everyone had chocolate and friendship bracelets so they didn't get fed up waiting in the queue. My favourite story was an elderly lady, Esther, who queued to buy the books for her grandchildren in Hong Kong. I thought that was so cool!'

Of course, an event NEEDS chocolate fairies to keep the queue happy. Lovely Elfie and Isabella applied via the Facebook Fanpage to help Cathy out in Bristol, and were given the job. They came dressed the part in cool tutus and fairy wings just like the sisters did in Cherry Crush, and their job was to offer chocolate, friendship bracelets and samplers of the next book, Sweet Honey, to the girls waiting!

So who else came along? Well, here are just a few of the readers from this event!

'I love the chocolate Box Girls. I admire Summer's determination - I can really relate to her.'

Ameera & Isabelle:
'We first started reading the books last May, and we love them! We quite like Skye because she loves vintage, but it's impossible to choose a favourite - they're all fantastic!'

'I think Coco's book is going to be amazing... she feels really strongly about things. Can't wait to read it!'

'It's so exciting to actually be here... it's awesome! I think Gingersnaps was the first Cathy Cassidy book I read...'

'I love the books. I can really relate to Summer because she loves ballet - and so do i!'

'I've met Cathy a few times! Two years ago, when she was nominated a again for the Queen of Teen competition, I won the comp to be a 'Superfan' and came along to the ceremony... we both have fab memories of that!'

Cathy says: I loved meeting reader Caitlin and her little sister... they reminded me of how the Chocolate Box Girls might have looked when they were younger, very cool and bohemian!

Charlotte & Lucy:
'We've travelled all the way from Ascot to be here... it was a two hour journey, but it's been worth it!'

'I love Cathy Cassidy's books - they're always so exciting! I think Skye is my favourite sister from the series because she loves vintage!'

'When I pick up a Cathy Cassidy book I just have to read on and on... I can't put it down!'

'I think Summer is my favourite character... she's got so much determination!'

Emma & Charleey:
'I think Cherry Crush is the most magical of the stories... I love the gypsy caravan!'

Georgia & Fran:
'The books are really cool and you can relate to the characters. I think I like Cherry best out of the sisters so far, because she's just really nice.'

Grace & Nerys
Grace: 'The books can be sad but awesome too... you can't put them down! I like Marshmallow Skye...'
Nerys: 'I absolutely love the book Dizzy!'

Hannan & Raian:
'I LOVE the books! I think I like Summer's Dream best. Summer is my favourite character because of the dancing!'

Iona, Alisa & Kiera:
'We're really excited to have something new to read - the books are creative, funny and cool!'

'I really love reading about the Chocolate Box sisters... it's fascinating. I think Skye is the sister I like best so far...'

'I really love Coco from the Chocolate Box Girls series... I like her personality and style!'

Cathy says: This was the very first time I'd ever signed a book using 'FaceTime'... a live link to a reader who wasn't able to be there on the day! Bradi was able to take part via the iphone her family brought along, and even chat to me as I signed... how cool?

'My favourite Chocolate Box Girl is probably Cherry... she's independent and cool. I feel really close to the sisters when I'm reading!

'My favourite sister from the series is Summer - well, so far, anyway! I can't wait to read Coco Caramel!'

'The Chocolate Box Girls series is sooo interesting and the books are really hard to put down! I like Skye, because I'm a daydreamer too...'

'I just love the Chocolate Box Girls series... brilliant!'

Cathy says:
My readers sometimes bring me presents, pictures and letters, too! I got lots of amazing gifts from my readers at the Bristol signing, but this handmade fox brooch was one that I just had to share with you! My chocolate fairy Elfie made it... how cute? I'll be wearing this all tour!

Have YOU ever been to a CC signing or school event? Share your photos here and tell us what you thought about it... we'll post the best in a future issue of DREAMCATCHER!


  1. I met Cathy at Ellesmere Port on Saturday 15th February 2014. She signed quite a lot of my books and then I gave her a letter and she replied to it! She gave me tips on daydreaming as well. :)

  2. I met Cathy, when i was eleven, on the 4th of July 2011, in Bantry. i remember taking a picture with Cathy, I was so shy my shoulders were hunched and i was only half smiling, because i was so shocked meeting my fave author.
    I then got all my books signed and two of my friends, they were signed to both of us, as i didn't explain what i was saying properly. Silly me.
    I can't believe, that was nearly three years ago, it seems just like yesterday. I would wish anything to go back :)



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