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 Does YOUR name stand out from the crowd? We asked some CC readers what they think about having an unusual name...

TRUELY says:
I first met Cathy when she came to my school on a book tour - she was signing a book for me and asked about my name, and if I'd like to be interviewed for DREAMCATCHER! My full name is Truely Scrumptious (not including my surname!) but everyone just calls me Truely. I'm named after a character from the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. There are positives to having an unusual name - like being the only one in the school - but on the downside, you're easier to make fun of. You do get used to the teasing and the jokers, so in a way it can make you more confident in the end, but if I could choose my own name I'd pick something more 'normal'. I'll never find the name Truely on a keyring or a drinks bottle!

IMOGEN says:
I met Cathy on that same school visit! I'm actually Truely's step-sister, so we're not related, but my name is a little bit different. And my nickname is IMAGINE, which I really love! It can be good having an interesting name as you do stand out from the crowd - but I'd rather stand out for my personality than for my name! I turn bright red when I'm embarrassed, so it can get tricky... but in spite of it all, I'd rather have a name that's a bit different than one that everyone else has. I'd love to be an actress one day so maybe having a name that's a bit different will come in handy!

The thing I like about having an unusual name is that if someone's talking about you, you KNOW - because there aren't that many Vasilina's around! The thing I don't like is that my name sounds a little bit like the word 'vaseline' and some people wind me up because of that. The name is Russian; my mum had loved the name for years and always planned to give name her daughter Vaselina... and that was me! I like having a name that's a bit different. It means 'fun' in Russian, and that's quite cool, too!

CHI says:
My name means 'little bird' which is quite cute, and it's quite common in Vietnam where I come from. It's pronounced 'Chee' but people often get it wrong and call me Shay, Chin or even Cheese... not so good! That does bug me a bit! I guess my name isn't common in the UK, so I'd better get used to that!

APRIL says:
When my mom was born, my gran wanted to name her April but my Grandpa disagreed. So my mom decided that one day she'd name her daughter April in honour of my gran, and there'd be an April in the family like she'd always wanted. And it just so happened I was born in April too... how cool?

VIOLET says:
I was named after my great grandma. The best thing about my name is that I'm the only Violet at school, and the worst is... well, there isn't a worst, really! I like my name! And I love that it's a flower name, too!

Do YOU have a cool or unusual name? Tell us in the COMMENTS section below, or email here... we might mention you in a future issue of DREAMCATCHER!


    The thing I like about having an unusual name is that I'm the only one in my school. Buit what I don't like about it is that I never see anything with my name on :(. I also get teased a bit about it and people sometimes call me Elo-pees which is really annoying and hardly anyone knows how to spell it! I've gotten used to it by now though.

  2. My first name isn't unusual but if you only use my middle and surname it's quite weird. My middle name is Oluwaseyi and my surname is Akinsulire which is only familiar in Africa. My middle name is unisex so some boys I know have that name too. I do like my middle name because in my school it's super rare. It makes me feel special and unique. More than the Bible name Deborah already did!

  3. My name is Laoise which is quite unusual! It's an Irish name and I like it:):):)

  4. My name is Fenella, which is like the English version of the Gaelic name Fionnghuala! It's cool, but I'm glad I have my name and not the Gaelic one - imagine when teachers/pupils write it down! I already get asked about how it's spelt, though I don't mind too much. My friends shorten my name to 'Nella' or Nellie' which is kinda cute. I have met another girl with the first name Fenella, though she was older than me by a couple of school years, it was cool.

  5. my names Jade-Heather :)

    Jade being a colour / stone and there is a temple called the Jade Buddha temple (i like stuff about buddha) also i got named jade cause my dad liked a irish program in the 90's called jade!!

    Heather- its my grans name who has a pace maker and is blind and deaf :/ also its i type of flower! :3 and its the name of a unreleased song by paul McCartney :D

    my name may not be unusual but i like the meanings behind it!

  6. My name name is Mya(middle name) Mckenzie! i am the only Mya in the school and its quite unusual..my nickname is My! lol :D my middle ame,Mckenzie,is because its quite an old fashioned name from the Victorian Times :)

  7. Chloe is a Greek name but mine's spelt the french way with an accent above the e. I don't know if i was named after anyone, but i still think my name is cool. The only bad thing about my name is you can't easily turn it into a nickname, Chloe suits me though (i think)

  8. My name is Jess. It's a bit different as it isn't short for Jessica. It's just Jess :)

  9. My Name is Georgina and for many years I was always the only one until I started at my new school - I also have been given weird nicknames too like grieg gbear and (the one that stuck) ginagoo. I never relly minded what I was cool but when I joined to were my school is I relised that I wasn't the only one but non of them continued to what they dreamed off so I am going to change that

  10. My name is Lydia it isn't that unusual but i dont know anyone else with the same name as me my nicknames are : Lyd , Liddie and Lydz xx

  11. I like my name, but in the register at school i often get called Alisha or a-Lee-see-a, which is really annoyimg! Plus i can never find it on keychains or name plates :( Oh well aha xx

  12. I like my name alot i don't know anybody with my name which is Yasmin, pretty unusual HUH?

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  14. My name is Philippa, which is quite unusual! It means horse lover in Greek, which is true because I love horses! :)

  15. truely scrumptious... thats very long!

  16. My name is Ilayda, (pronounced Il-eye-da.) It is Turkish just like my older sister's names. My dad is Turkish so that is the reason. It means Water Fairy!

  17. my name is kila pronounced kyla so people always prounce my name wrong if they read it and if they hear it then they spell it wrong. i do like it and it means im different and if anyone says anything bad about my name i dont care because other peoples opinions dont matter.



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