Wednesday 10 July 2019


Ever wondered what a dog's view of life might be? Rescue dog Malteaser hijacks the DREAMCATCHER blog to let us know!

Malteaser says:
Hi - I am a brown spotted Dalmation and I am six years old. (I've hurt my paw at the moment, but don't worry, I'm on the mend!) I live next to a beautiful pine woods which I get to run around in every day, and we are not far from a beautiful beach too! My favourite things are cuddles, walks and food... but life wasn't always this way, alas. The story began a few years back at my Mum's local chip shop. She went in for some fish and chips one day and came out with me! She saw me in the garden, alone and sad - she told the lady behind the counter that she thought I was cute, and to her surprise she was told just to take me! I was separated from my birth mother at six weeks old, which is much too young, and pretty much left to fend for myself. The chip shop owner had been given me by a relative and he had a vague plan of selling me on for a profit, but he was too busy to look after me and I was left outside and fed scraps from the chip shop... not a great start in life for any dog, I think you'll agree.

My life changed that day, and amazingly, when I was taken to the vets, I didn't have any health problems. I was taken to my new home and I have never looked back since! It only took two days for me to learn that I had to go the toilet outside and the same time for me to learn how to sit and lie down. I'm a very smart dog, but then again I had a lot of help from my new big brother, Max. When I moved in to my new home, I was greeted by a big brown Doberman - but his size didn't scare me one bit! I marched straight into the house and started eating from his food bowl! We do everything together now and he really looks out for me when we go on walks. And since living here, I have made loads and loads of new friends. I'm so happy now that I've been rescued - I can give all my love to the people who love me back!

Cathy says:
Awww... rescue dogs really are the best in the world, we have two of our own! So many dogs in rescue are desperate for a home that it seems crazy to pay out for a pedigree... if you're looking for a pet, consider adopting one in need! Does YOUR pet have a cool story to tell? COMMENT BELOW to let us know!

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