Tuesday 2 July 2019


Skye Tanberry brings you some sizzling horoscope predictions for July... take a peek!

CANCER: Jun 21 - Jul 21
Meeting new people can be very daunting at first, but a stranger today is just a friend for tomorrow! Don’t be scared to speak to new people, you may be surprised at how much you have in common!

LEO: Jul 22 - Aug 21
Everyone would agree that if you make plans, you should stick to them. But if something suddenly comes up for someone and they have to change their plans, try not to be too quick to anger... flexibility is key to everyone’s life!

VIRGO: Aug 22 - Sept 21
Even the most capable person in the world needs a little assistance at some point - don’t be afraid to ask those around you for help! Even if you can do it by yourself, working with others may be more informative and a lot more fun!

LIBRA: Sept 22 - Oct 22
Summer is here, so don’t forget to spend some time in the sunshine! It’s important to get out in the fresh air when you can. Go out and top up your Vitamin D levels with some gentle exercise... and rope in a few friends to join you!

SCORPIO: Oct 23 - Nov 21
Keeping secrets is unhealthy to any relationship, whether it is a friendship, family, or your significant other. Being open and honest around those you love is one of the most important traits that you can have, so try not to forget that.

SAGITTARIUS: Nov 22 - Dec 21
It’s important to take other people’s views into account, even if they seem a little wacky to you. Friends and family don’t need to have the same opinion, as long as they respect the different opinions of those around them!

CAPRICORN: Dec 22 - Jan 19
It is often good to show restraint, whether it is eating one piece of chocolate rather than two, or whether you turn down something that you really want to do, so that you can get a head start on your homework… but remember that it is okay to let go now and then and unwind a little, too!

AQUARIUS: Jan 20 - Feb 18
Showing emotion can feel quite a risk sometimes - it can be very difficult to put your heart on the line. But it’s good to show the people around you just how you are feeling. You may find that in the long run, you will be a lot happier for it!

PISCES: Feb 19 - Mar 20
If you have a gut feeling that someone around you is having a tough time, then show them how joyful life can be! It’s important to let people know that you are there for them when they need you... after all, wouldn't you be glad of a helping hand if it were you?

ARIES: Mar 21 - Apr 20
Never lose your enthusiasm, for it is a catalyst in other people’s drive! You inspire those around you to work harder and become more involved, by how hard you work and how much effort you put in to all that you do!

TAURUS: Apr 21 - May 20
You may have heard that curiosity killed the cat - but satisfaction brought it back! Never stop being inquisitive and pursuing new ideas. You never know where your next project will take you!

GEMINI: May 21 - Jun 20
This is your month to shine! You may feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut recently, doing the same thing day in, day out.  But change is just around the corner! If you feel like you have a boring routine then don’t worry, because soon it’s all going to change for the better.

Cathy says:
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  1. Wow -- you get these spot on every time, Sky! You must be psychic.



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