Saturday 27 July 2019


There is a growing trend of using natural herbs, oils and fruits  to make DIY face masks, conditioners and beauty potions... the way we did hundreds of years ago. They're a little bit of nature magic! Reader Clare shares a few simple tips...

Women all over the world have used coconut oil for centuries as their go-to beauty companion! It can be used for anything from an intensive hair mask to skin moisturiser to a dental hygiene hack. Coconut oil is available in all big supermarkets now - don't be confused if it appears to be a solid rather than an oil, that's normal!

Here's a simple coconut oil face mask so you can see for yourself!
1 tbsp. pure coconut oil
3 tbsp. oatmeal
Warm water
How to apply:
Put oatmeal in a bowl and pour in enough warm water to make a paste-like consistency (you can just guesstimate for this part.) Combine the coconut oil in with the oatmeal and mix well. Apply the mixture to your face, and exfoliate your skin by gently rubbing in a circular motion. Leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water and pat dry your face with a clean towel. Et voila!

Not just a tasty, healthy snack, avocados can also be used to nourish the skin and hair. Why not try this recipe for a hair 'mask' to give a gorgeous shine?
To make:
Grab an avocado, a banana, and a tablespoon of olive oil.  Mash them all together in a bowl, then take that paste and rub into hair from root to tip. Wrap hair in an old towel or shower cap. Do something else for half an hour, and then get in the shower to shampoo and rinse.  Glossy hair that's naturally healthy!

It's not just good on toast! Honey can be used on your skin and hair and has anti-bacterial properties as well as having moisturising powers, if you want a smoother and more even skin-tone. Try brushing a small dab of honey onto your skin. Massage gently and leave for twenty minutes. Spots may appear less aggressive and skin may feel smoother and more even!! Another tip - if you get hay fever, eat locally made honey - it can reduce symptoms of hay fever for some lucky people!

Note: If skin feels hot, sore or prickly at any point, wash the treatment off IMMEDIATELY... not all natural treatments are suited to sensitive skin!

Gorgeous artwork by the talented Millie Aked - thank you so much Millie! 

Wow! Thank you Clare! These are cool... definitely going to try them out! LOVE the artwork too... brilliant, Millie! Do YOU have any old traditions or natural beauty tips? COMMENT BELOW!

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