Sunday, 22 October 2017


Reader Daisy shares her experience of a holiday romance that didn't end quite as she wished...

Daisy says:
It was right at the end of our holiday in Portugal when I got together with Mark. I'd spotted him right at the start, but both of us were shy and it was only on the last day that we got chatting and shared a quick kiss. It was very romantic but I didn't expect too much of it, so when he asked for my email, Facebook and WhatsApp details I was really happy.

Mark lives about two hundred miles away from me - I'm in Scotland, he's in England - but it felt like we were much closer because we spoke everyday and shared thoughts and feelings. Even though the actual romance had been so short and sweet, we were really getting to know each other now and able to tell each other anything and everything. When I fell out with a girl at school, Mark understood and encouraged me to put things right; when he had a massive row with his parents, I was the one he turned to. I felt closer to Mark than to anyone.

My friends were really impressed and knew he messaged me every day. And then, suddenly, he didn't. The messages faded away and my messages went unanswered. I had no idea what I'd done wrong. This was at the start of October, and I cried myself to sleep night after night because it was like losing a best friend. I couldn't let go, I kept messaging and asking what was wrong, and eventually Mark replied and told me he had a new girlfriend and I was getting a bit stalker-ish and I needed to get a life. This was the boy who'd poured out his heart to me about his parents just two weeks earlier. I haven't heard from him since, and I hope he feels a bit guilty for dropping me so abruptly and being so spiteful. It's not like I didn't understand that a long-distance relationship would be hard - he was the one who was determined to try. I saw him as more of friend than anything else, and I think I could have accepted that he was seeing someone, maybe, in time. I just feel sad that my first holiday romance had to end in such a harsh and bitter way... and I will think twice before trusting any boy again.

Beautiful photo by talented reader Hollie: many thanks Hollie!

Cathy says:
Daisy's had a bad experience - it sounds like Mark just didn't have the maturity to explain his feelings properly to her, then felt guilty and got nasty. I hope her next relationship runs a little more smoothly! Have YOU ever been badly hurt by a boy? COMMENT BELOW or email your story to me via the EMAIL CATHY link over on the CC website!

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  1. Aw, I'm sure you'll find someone so much better than him, he doesn't deserve someone as nice as you and I'm sure you'll find a special someone very soon! :)



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