Thursday, 20 February 2014

RED FACES ALL ROUND... readers share their cringiest moments!

Kiki says:

A few years ago I was in a production of Peter Pan, and my mum made my costume. The skirt was too big, but there wasn't enough time to stitch it up, so my mum put a safety pin in it. Just before I went on stage, my teacher spotted the safety pin and took it out, saying it was a safety hazard. Predictably, my skirt fell down mid-dance and I tripped over it. I fell headfirst off stage, right into the Year 1s... they scattered like bowling pins. Needless to say, I didn't get to appear in the later performances...

Blue says:

My first day of S6... I got to breaktime without realising I had a huge streak of toothpaste on my lip. Nobody thought to tell me! Thank god for my friends, or I could have gone through the whole day like that. People probably thought it was my eccentric fashion - they didn't tell me when I got blue felt tip pen on my face in drama. They thought it was a deliberate choice. The shame...

Heather says:

I was out with my friends for the day, and just about to get onto a train. As I stepped onto the train, my shoe slipped off and fell down onto the track... just as the doors closed! I had to go home wearing only one shoe.... noooo....

Nicola says:

This happened when I was only two, so thankfully I can't remember it - but boy do my family like to remind me of it! Apparently my dad gave me a boiled egg for the first time, and left me happily eating it while he popped into the next room. When he came back his face fell - I'd eaten it all, even the SHELL! Oops!

Annabel says:

Me and my friend took my dog for a walk, and it was a nice day so we didn't take jackets. But suddenly it began to rain... it absolutely poured down! By the time it stopped, we looked like we'd just jumped into a swimming pool with our clothes on. People were starting at us from their cars as we sloshed through the streets going home... we waved at them!

Do YOU have an embarrassing story to share? Tell us here - and attach a head & shoulders pic if you'd like to be considered for DREAMCATCHER. We'll add the best to this feature!


  1. these are so funny! my sister was in our stage school production of peter pan the musical and she was a lost boy. luckily, nothing embarrassing happened! let me think of a cringy moment... hmm, got nothing yet.... lucy :)

  2. I remember a REALLY cringy moment on holiday. I was in Turkey visiting my dad. We went to have a meal with the neighbours and everything was going smoothly. UNTIL, their son came back from town. I was waiting for him to say 'hos geldiniz' which means welcome. But all he said was hello so I said welcome instead!! What's more, I said it in Turkish so EVERYONE understood. I had welcomed a boy into his own home. Nice.



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