Saturday 23 September 2017


A few weeks ago, we heard from a whole bunch of new Year Sevens to find out what they were looking forward to about their new schools... now we've caught up with them to see if secondary school is living up to their expectations!

Louise says:
Year 7 is going great so far - I've made lots of new friends! The school dinners are fantastic though the queues are quite big, but it's worth the wait! My favourite is the pizza! I've joined the drama, netball and language clubs so far and would say to anyone feeling anxious about joining a club to give it a try - a great way to meet people with similar interests! My CATS tests went well - they just took a morning (unlike SATS which seemed to last forever) and I'm very happy with the set I'm in. I think I'm settling in just fine - and I've only been lost once!

Esther says:
My first day of secondary school was fine, but I prefer primary. School is OK, but sometimes overwhelming, and I don't seem to be learning anything in Maths. Overall, I'd prefer not to go! It's weird, because we are in Year 7 and we have to show respect, yet we get no respect from the rest of the school.

Nell says:
The first week was fun - nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. The students are all very kind and welcoming, especially the Year 8s who have just been through the experience! There are lots of clubs to choose from, and I've joined a drama group and one all about making food look good! I worried about homework to start with, but realised that if you tackle it in bite-size chunks it doesn't seem so daunting. The teachers are nice and I've enjoyed lessons a lot - my favourites are drama and science. In science we've been learning about forensics and contamination at a crime scene, which is really interesting! The food is really good - may fave is pitta with garlic mayo, tortilla chips and salsa! To anyone in Year 6 now, don't worry - I'm sure you'll enjoy Year 7 as much as I have so far!

Robin says:
I've just had my first few weeks of high school and I LOVE it! Here are five cool things about high school!
1: The FOOD! My school has brilliant food, plus a McDonald's style pre-order machine!
2: The TEACHERS! They aren't mean or strict, they are kind and caring - even when I was late to a class because I'd got lost!
3: The LESSONS! I have brilliant lessons - we used bunsen burners in science and designed an electronic pencil in Tech!
4: The AFTER-SCHOOL CLUBS! I love stuff like the Trading Card Club and the Lego Mindstorms Club!
5: The INSET DAYS! Actually, INSET means a day off school, but hey - it's great to get an extra day off after all that excitement, and it's only right to celebrate with ice-cream, isn't it?
High school is brilliant - all you new Year 6s out there, you'd better start looking forward to it!

Cathy says:
Mixed reactions, but overall a big thumbs up for Year Seven from our Roving Reporters! Good luck for the rest of the year to brilliant Louise, Esther, Nell and Robin! What are YOUR best bits of advice for new secondary school students? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. aw its great to see that you are all settling in
    i remember having all the nerves and then feeling like you guys after a while
    its hard at first but the best year to be so much more confident and mature.
    the teachers don't treat you like little kids anymore- more like young adults.
    and high school was and still is the most important thing for me because all i want to do is leave school with brilliant grades to do a job I've always wanted to
    i am in year 10 now and if there's one thing id say it would be to enjoy year 7 because in the next few years you will see the focus go from friends and fun to exams and homework
    nevertheless i wouldn't swap school for anything
    and although I'm not really a morning person i love going everyday!
    does anyone else relate?
    love from Aaliyah xxx

  2. I agree that year seven always seems scary at first but honestly it's the biggest confidence booster I have ever been through
    To any nervous year 6's out there
    Don't worry about anything
    Just be yourself and you will be just fine
    Live from Aaliyah xxx



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