Friday 1 September 2017


Reader Louisa tells us about all the things she's been getting ready in preparation for starting Year Seven...

Louisa says:
I'm excited about starting my new school, but there are only two other people from my primary going so I'm a bit anxious about making new friends, and anxious about my CATS test in the first week back. Also, I'll be one of the youngest in Year Seven!

The uniform for my school can only be bought at one shop in town, so we had to order it and then go for a fitting. I went with my mum and sister and it didn't take long, and afterwards we got to have some cake! I love my uniform, especially the PE kit as it looks great and has my initials on it, so hopefully I won't lose it! I'll enjoy not having to tie my tie as it's a clip-on! I don't like the idea of wearing a blazer and having to ask permission to take it off in a lesson; even if it's warm you have to wear it in the corridor, but it will look very smart. My school shoes just seem adult, they're like a pair my mum has! Then again, my mum is a teacher so it might just be a school thing! They are patent leather which I love.

When it comes to back-to-school shopping I'm excited - I love getting bright stationery. I didn't have to buy much as I asked for lots of it for my birthday, and got my backpack then as well. My sister says people don't have lunch boxes much anymore, just containers, but I did buy a water bottle - and it has broken already, before school has even started! Oh well. I've been told the school dinners are much nicer, but I admit it will be hard being the youngest in the school again, and I am nervous about making new friends and doings well in my CATS. Once the tests are over we'll be given our sets and we'll find out our timetables and teachers.

I don't think I've really got the concept that I'm going to be in high school - Mum hasn't either, she still says I'm her 'baby'! There'll be lots more homework, stricter teachers and the school is way bigger, but there will also be lots of clubs to try, great school meals and the chance to make new friends. I think once I start it will all become clear!

Cathy says:
I used to love the back-to-school shopping... and I still remember my own school blazer, which was so big it fitted me for the next five years! What's YOUR fave part of shopping for school or college? COMMENT BELOW to have your say or to share your advice with Louisa!


  1. I'm starting a school too! But we start in year 8 so I'm a little bit older. Luckily my sister has given me advice on what to bring, where to go etc which is useful! But you must remember that you would've been getting too old for primary school or in my case middle school so be confident. I hope you do well! xx

  2. Thank you. I hope that you do well too. It's good to have sisters to help us out.

  3. Being nervous about making new friends is probably the biggest worry of all year sevens
    When I started there was no one from my primary school
    But everyone is new to the situation so I'm sure someone will strike up a conversation with you and who knows you could find a new best friend!
    Be open and willing to be chatty
    You seem like a really nice girl
    Good luck!
    Love from Aaliyah xxx

    1. Thank You. I've joined some clubs too and made new friends that way! Xx

  4. I've Just started year seven and have made absolutely NO friends at all people are starting to feel sorry for me and that's NOT what I want.It feels like I've forgotten how too make friends,or maybe it's just because I'm ugly?



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