Tuesday 12 September 2017


Skye Tanberry has been stargazing again... read on to discover what thrills and spills lie in wait for you this month!

VIRGO: 24th Aug - 22nd Sept
Drop the worry and think positive - you're at a crossroads, and you can change your life for the better if you just have faith in your hopes and dreams, and the determination to see them through. Ditching the fears is the first step - and by far the most important!

LIBRA: 23rd Sept - 23rd Oct
A period of good luck is heading your way, and this could mean you have some spending money for once! It's OK to treat yourself, but don't go too crazy - plan carefully and make sure there's enough set aside for later!

SCORPIO: 24th Oct - 22nd Nov
Things are looking up... it's a LONG time since the stars have looked so good for Scorpios! Fun, friendship and happy times are all on the menu, and if you keep on working hard too you could be looking at an awesome year ahead!

SAGITTARIUS: 23rd Nov - 21st Dec
You've had a wild summer, socially, but things are calming down a little on the friendship front. It's time to top up your batteries and chill out a little - swimming, yoga, meditation, painting, reading or music should all help!

CAPRICORN: 22nd Dec - 19th Jan
Life has been a little stressy lately, but all of that's about to change! Friends and fun are the priority right now, and although old friends will become closer than ever, you may also meet new people who will become hugely important to you in the months ahead!

AQUARIUS: 20th Jan - 18th Feb
You have big ambitions, but up until now you haven't always been sure of how to make them real. Play to your strengths at school/ college/ work and don't hide your quirky creativity - these are the things that will get you noticed!

PISCES: 19th Feb - 20th Mar
Travel and adventure are on the cards for you, but to take advantage of this you need to stop worrying and trust the future. Focus on what you want from life and you're more likely to attract it - try it and see!

ARIES: 21st mar - 19th Apr
Romance and money are both fizzing away in your stars this month... enjoy! To keep things looking good, stay on track with study and do whatever you can to boost your self-esteem - fate will see to the rest!

TAURUS: 20th Apr - 20th May
Romance and friendship are moving into a much brighter zone for you, and relationships of all kinds should run more smoothly and bring joy. If you're struggling with a possessive friend/ partner, now is the time to cut your ties and break free.

GEMINI: 21st May - 21st June
You'v had a lot on your plate lately, but life should start running much more smoothly now. You're not a fan of routine, but make sure you keep on top of things - and take time out for fun and relaxation. All work and no play just doesn't work for Geminis!

CANCER: 2nd June - 22nd Jul
You love a bit of drama, but lately there's been a little too much of it... thankfully, things are going to be less intense now. Creativity and home life will take centre stage, so let your imagination go wild!

LEO: 23rd Jul - 23rd Aug
You've weathered some huge storms recently, but the rough seas are calming at last. Suddenly, everything will seem easier and you'll start finding fun in everyday things - a walk in the park, a day out with friends. Amazing chances could open up to anyone moving house/ school/ job!

Cathy says:
Hmmm... some exciting predictions here! Did they ring true for YOU? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. wow
    it was so true for me!
    my bday is 17th august
    my parent split 2 years ago and things haven't been easy but there's nothing i love more than spending time with my mum and sisters!
    i have moved town,house and school
    things are looking up and i feel a lot happier
    i loved this article
    its so accurate for me!

  2. Okay, wow - that's actually really creepily accurate. Weird!

  3. What about you Em Ma?



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