Wednesday 9 May 2018


This month, reader Caitlin recommends the fab novel FROST HOLLOW HALL by Emma Carroll. Read on to find out what she thinks!

Caitlin says:
FROST HOLLOW HALL by Emma Carroll is an amazing and totally compelling read. Whilst reading this fabulous book (which is targeted at children or young adults aged ten and up) I was desperate to discover what happened next. FROST HOLLOW HALL is a book set in the Victorian era - winter 1881 to be exact! Throughout reading FROST HOLLOW HALL I couldn't help but grin at Will Potter, the local butchers boy... he was a great character, although not the main one!

This time-worthy read is actually about a courageous character named Tilly Higgins who was born into poverty and a working class family. On one winter's evening Will Potter dares her to ice skate on the frozen river that looms before Frost Hollow Hall. This may not seem like much of a dare - however, little does Tilly know - it is. The reason? Ever since Kit Barrington drowned whilst skating on that ice ten years ago, not one single soul has set foot on it since. But the dead don't scare Tilly Higgins!

During her time skating, the ice grows thin, so thin it cracks. Too far out to swim to dry land, she begins to drown until suddenly she's rescued by an angel. Although this is no angel, its a ghost. A very troubled ghost...

A gripping and entertaining read... I really recommend!

Cathy says:
Sounds like a book I'd love! Have YOU read FROST HOLLOW HALL? What did YOU think?

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  1. I loved Frost Hollow Hall too and I loved some of Emma Carroll's other books including In Darkling Wood (my fave, it has a Marshmallow Skye feel to it!), Strange Star and The Girl who Walked on Air. Really good author!
    I love the makeover of Dreamcatcher too!



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