Saturday 26 May 2018


Our fun quiz might just help you work out your summer style... give it a go!

1/ What is your fave ice cream flavour?

A) Pistachio 

B) Vanilla with a raspberry swirl

C) Mint Choc Chip 

D) Strawberry

2/ If you could be in any city right now, which would it be?

A) London
, baby! But circa 1950...
B) New York, New York!
C) Wham, bam, Amsterdam!
D) Paris
, ooh la la!

3/ Your friend is coming over to sunbathe in the garden. What will you wear?
A) That amazing vintage swimsuit you found in your gran's wardrobe - Sixties Cool!
B) Your new bikini, of course... and those glittery flip flops you've been saving for the holidays!
C) Shorts and a t-shirt... this isn't the Costa Del Sol, after all!
D) A summery dress and pretty sandals.

4/ The sun is shining, where would you rather be? 

A) Off investigating the nearest ruined castle

B) On a beach, topping up your tan

C) Skateboarding with your pals

D) Picking wildflowers

5/ You are at the park with your friends and your crush approaches. Do you…

A) Flutter your eyelashes and watch them fall at your feet!

B) Flirt back with confidence

C) Ignore them... this is friend-time, not flirting time.
D) Blush and hide your face

6/ What sport do you play?

A) Hockey

B) I don’t do sports, I prefer to watch

C) Football

D) Tennis

7/ What's your dream summer date?
A) A picnic in the park
B) Dinner at a fancy restaurant with a cool sea view!
C) A bike ride to the countryside
D) A walk along a moonlit beach

A few well-chosen vintage pieces from charity shops or vintage markets make sure your summer look is one that truly stands out from the crowd. Like your chosen style, you are individual, arty and unique!

Your summer style owes more than a little to glitz and glam - and why not? Summer is the perfect time to shine - make the most of your chic fashion choices before real life forces you back into school uniform again!

You're still something of a tomboy at heart... comfort and practicality matter more to you than high fashion. You sometimes have your head in the clouds but your feet are firmly on the ground, and for you summer is all about friendship and fun!

You may be a feminist at heart, but you love good old fashioned girly style... little dresses, pretty prints, cute accessories and hair-dos. You're smart and ambitious, but deep down a part of you is still a little girl with big dreams!

Cathy says:
What was YOUR result? Accurate or just a bit of fun? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Girly. I've always known that my twelve years old self never left me. I'm glad it didn't too! ��

  2. mostly d's
    so accurate too!
    please check out my brand new blog at


  3. Mostly Cs. Yeah, I spent a lot of my childhood being told I was a tomboy. Little did anyone know I was ACTUALLY a boy! Although my name is not Tom.

  4. Cool, I do dress quite cool!



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