Wednesday 2 May 2018


It's the little things in life... we asked readers what their fave simple pleasures were. Here's what they said!

Joss says:
I keep a journal. Even if I just write one sentence in it every night, I feel all the worries and hassles of the day drop away. Usually, I write a LOT more than just that, though. It's a way of getting my feelings out while still feeling safe and it helps me to keep things in perspective. I like to think I will enjoy reading through my journals in ten or twenty years time!

Evie says:
A family sized bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk! I’m not saying I eat it all at once, but just the sight of it makes me happy and that taste is sheer bliss.

Kate says:
A bubble bath and a book to read while I soak... as long as I don’t drop it in the water!

Heather says:
Clean sheets, new pyjamas and a mug of hot chocolate... sipped while curled up in bed with the fairy lights on!

Jen says:
Swimming... it’s my favourite way to let go of the stresses and set the world to rights.

Carole says:
Curling up with a Cathy Cassidy book when it’s cold outside and the wind is howling...

Millie says:
Texting my best friend ALWAYS makes me feel better... she understands me better than anyone else I know.

Mel says:
Sounds mad, but practicing my piano exam pieces - it’s a part of my day now. I get a kick from knowing I’m working hard at my dream!

Carmen says:
One of my favourite things is when my sister Rosa and me do each other’s hair and make-up. It’s fun and soothing, and sometimes funny... and while we do it, we have some of our best and most honest talks.

Linzi says:
Watching the sun rise!

Zoe says:
Snuggling up with our pet dog Rollo... he’s the only one in the world who knows all my secrets!

Photo by the talented Nes Rine... thank you!

Cathy says:
Ahh... wonderful stuff! One of my fave simple pleasures is walking my dogs on a sunset beach! What is YOUR simple pleasure? COMMENT BELOW...

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